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Snotgirl #14 Review

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Snotgirl #14 Review

Some of Lottie’s secrets are revealed to her friends. And did I mention it’s somebody’s bachelor party?

Nothing helps you get over an embarrassing night more than your girlfriends finding out you have a bunch of stereotypical nicknames for them. It’s party time as writer Bryan Lee O’Malley (Scott Pilgrim) and artist Leslie Hung let the boys take over this issue to celebrate a friend’s bachelor bash. Will the guys end up having a night they won’t soon forget? Is this issue good?

In this issue of Snotgirl, the dramatic shenanigans of fashion blogger/social media star Lottie Person and her friends continue. The last issue ended with Lottie’s allergies flaring up towards the end of her pop-up shop event and Christine (friend of Lottie) kissing her to distract Lottie from them. Up until this point, we know that Christine plans to turn on Lottie, but it’s still unclear what her real motivation behind it is. Now, still dazed and confused from Christine’s full intentions, Lottie winds up attending her friend Meg’s arts and crafts-style bachelorette party where a few of her secrets about her friends get revealed.

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Snotgirl #14 Review
Image Comics

The biggest one being that Lottie refers to Meg as “Normgirl,” which ends up causing a lot of controversy between the two of them. O’Malley does an incredible job of expanding the drama between Meg and Lottie as the last issue saw Christine coming to Meg’s aid emotionally when she needed someone to talk with. Perhaps in the issues to come this is part of Christine’s mysterious plan to knock Lottie off her blog stardom. Either way, I’m loving every storyline that O’Malley dishes out.

Meanwhile, Ashely Von Frick (Lottie’s friend and Meg’s fiancée) celebrates his bachelor party. He deals with a couple of big things in this issue, including his best friend revealing he is moving to China and he might actually be attracted to him.  Although Lottie takes sort of a back seat this issue, O’Malley does an awesome job switching back and forth between the two storylines.  O’Malley’s writing thus far in Snotgirl has remained fun, inspiring, and unpredictable.

Snotgirl #14 Review
Image Comics

What I love most about O’Malley’s work is his ability to breathe such distinct characteristics into each of his characters. Yes, some are very stereotypical and obnoxious, but they work brilliantly. This issue gets dark towards the end as someone winds up getting stabbed. The worst part about it is it winds up being a case of mistaken identity.

Leslie Hung adds a great balance of pleasure and fun with her pencil work for this series. There’s a lot of drama, intertwined storylines, and backstabbing that occurs, so making the art style seem extra cute with high vibrant colors provided by the ever so talented Racheal Cohen complements the story very well. Hung’s character designs and facial features are always very well detailed and lifelike. I wonder if she draws her inspiration from real fashion models or just makes them up.

Snotgirl #14 Review

Overall Snotgirl #14 is an entertaining and engaging read with an ending that will leave some fans in shock. The dialogue is on point, the art stays fresh and vibrant, and the story continues to impress. If you’re a fan of movies like Clueless or The Devil Wears Prada, then you’ll definitely want to check out this book. Grab yours today on digital or at a local comic shop near you.

Snotgirl #14 Review
Snotgirl #14
Is it good?
Snotgirl #14 continues to show the artistic star power of O'Malley and Hung, plus it's a really fun story to keep up with.
Unpredictable plot
A fun read
Great visuals

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