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After the Wedding Review: Extremely well acted tearjerker

‘After the Wedding’ emotional drama that tells a really beautiful story.

I absolutely love Julianne Moore. I’ve always loved her personality and her ability to give very dramatic performances. She’s definitely one of the most talented actors of our time and because I love her so much, of course I had to see her new movie. I wasn’t altogether sure of what After the Wedding would be about. It actually seemed like a thriller based on the trailer I saw, but it’s actually nothing of the kind. This is a very emotional drama that tells a really beautiful story, which I love.

I just have to start by gushing over Julianne Moore’s performance. Moore turns in a downright haunting performance in this film. She’s good at every moment throughout but there’s one scene in particular where I was taken aback by her. I mean I literally got chills. I can’t say what she was doing or saying because it’s a huge spoiler but suffice to say that you’ll definitely be affected.

Michelle Williams, who I haven’t seen a whole lot from, is good here. Williams doesn’t make as much of an impact as Moore, but she still brings it one hundred percent. She’s a performer that can tell you a lot just from her facial expressions. It’s a sign of a great actor when they can make you feel something with just their face.Billy Crudup is another one I’m a big fan of, in fact I just saw him in Where’d You Go Bernadette? a couple weeks ago. Admittedly he is a very sexy gentleman and while that may have been why I gravitated towards him at first, after seeing several of his films, I now see what a talent he is.

Julianne Moore as Theresa

Crudup does a fine job playing Oscar. He’s really a supporting character, but makes the most out of the time he’s given. To be honest this is Moore and Williams’s film. They have several scenes together that are just great; seeing two wonderfully talented actresses play off one another as well as they do is a treat.

The acting is for sure this film’s strength. The writing is pretty good, I will say it’s not great and could’ve been better. Even though there’s films of this type that do boast better scripts, the acting is so incredible that you don’t really think about that as you’re watching it. I liked the direction that story went in, it takes a turn I didn’t see coming. I like where they take things because it really lets us see these characters at their most vulnerable. Moore’s character is especially stripped down due to something and it all just makes for good dramatic ingredients.

While I like the nature of Michelle Williams’s character, I do think they overplay it a little. She spends too much time being stone faced or just completely serious. Now to be clear it is required of her to be very upset and serious in a good many scenes, and then it’s appropriate. But my issue was that there were scenes in the beginning where she looked so unhappy and serious all the time and we hadn’t really been given a reason for it. I think that and wishing the writing was a tad better are the only downsides to this film. It is very emotional and that’s a good thing because the subject matter is pretty heavy and they do a fabulous job at handling it in a realistic manner. I think it’s very important, crucial even, for dramas of this type to portray things in a raw/realistic way so we as the audience can get the full effect.

Michelle Williams as Isabel

I’ll say this about After the Wedding, it’s the best when Julianne Moore is onscreen, that’s for damn sure. Moore is this film’s biggest strength and it’s her character that anchors the entire plot. The rest of the cast gives great performances too but Julianne just really stands out here. Overall, this is a worthy drama that tells its story in a very raw fashion, which is admirable.

Is it good?
After the Wedding features stellar performances, Moore's in particular and even though the writing isn't as good as it could've been, the cast gives it their all.
Julianne Moore
Michelle Williams
Billy Crudup
One scene in partcular with Moore
Writing could've been a little better

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