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Crowded #9 Review

Vita comes up with a good plan to get information from Charlotte’s old friend. It doesn’t work.

Crowded #9 continues the hilarious antics between Charlotte and Vita as they attempt to stay alive long enough to find out who put a two million dollar (and growing) bounty on the Reapr app against Charlotte. After their last encounter where Vita had to fight off a bunch of Reaprcon attendees, they’ve made their way to the Tabula Rasa hotel. Here they plan to knock out all the power in an attempt to confront Charlotte’s old friend Quincy, who may or may not know who’s trying to kill her. Writer Christopher Sebela and artists Ro Stein and Ted Brandt take their comedy technology assassination tale to new death-defying heights in Crowded #9.

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To quote the legendary Hannibal from the The A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.” But in the case of Charlotte and Vita, it’s more like “if at first you don’t succeed, run and improvise.” Crowded #9 begins with Vita and Charlotte trying to infiltrate their way past the scanning mechanism outside the Rasa Tabula hotel. All is going according to plan until the detonator that Vita set to knock out the gates malfunctions. 

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The Writing

Left with little time to improvise, Charlotte buys advertising space on the Tabula Rasa hotel’s gigantic digital billboard with a picture of herself saying she’s staying at the hotel. Within a few minutes, the hotel is flooded with people looking to cash in the bounty. The best part about the journey our two main protagonists go on in this book is their ingenuity in not dying, at least Vitas. Sebela does an impeccable job bringing their friendship one step closer while pushing their end goal a tad bit farther.

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Truly, the chemistry that Sebela has created between Charlotte and Vita is the driving force of the story. In the beginning, you had two strangers whose lives weren’t that great to begin with, Vita being mostly a loner and Charlotte being the opposite. Several issues later and their relationship has evolved into more than just survival — they make each other better people. Charlotte has been showing Vita how to have a good time and enjoy life while Vita has shown Charlotte how to be less stupid.

Killer Performance

Ro Stein and Ted Brandt do a fantastic job this issue turning up the intensity on the action. Since the beginning, they’ve done an exquisite job of delivering tight line work and adding splashes of humor throughout. This issue, they play the good cop/bad cop scenario very well between Vita and Charlotte during a scene where they’re interrogating Quincy. The character designs they use to portray Quincy are some of my favorites from this issue, and if the live action adaption ever sees the light of day, actor David Cross would be perfect for this role.  

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Still on the Run

I really enjoyed everything that Crowded #9 brings to the table. It’s a great combination of laughs, action, drama, and teamwork. I love the mystery behind who’s trying to kill Charlotte as well. Hopefully, our two main characters live long enough to find out and take he or she down. Make sure to check out this hilarious book today.

Is it good?
Crowded continues to be an enjoyable and hilarious series.
Solid dialogue
Hilarious action scenes
Great chemistry between the characters

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