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A fun ending to a great story.

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3 reasons to check out ‘Unnatural Vol. 3: Rebirth’

A fun ending to a great story.

Mirka Andolfo’s Unnatural recently came to an end. The story was broken into three distinctive arcs that tracked the growth of the story’s main character, Leslie. The story starts as a fun0loving yet topical commentary. By the end, it’s an action story with strong characters. Unnatural Volume 3: Rebirth collects the last four issues of the series. The entire run is worth every comic book fan’s time, but here are three reasons the concluding issues are worth checking out.

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Fun and adventurous

A fun ending to a great story.

The first volume of Unnatural developed Leslie’s character and the world. The second was a more action oriented, dour affair. The final part mixes the first two. It has the fun of the first volume along with the nonstop adventure of the second. The best action scene from the entire series, and arguably from Image Comics in general, is during this portion of the series. While the last part is not as loose as the opening, it brings back the lightheartedness that the middle arc did not have. It is the perfect mix that makes an already good story that much better.

Character development done right

A fun ending to a great story.

As a story ends, the reader has learned all there is to know about the characters they have been following. When a book adds more character development as a comic reaches its finale, it comes off as acting out of character or a poor attempt as the creator trying to write themselves out of a corner. During the final part of Unnatural, Andolfo gives more insight into the villainous Glance. It’s done in a way the flows naturally with the story and never hurts the flow of the story or seems out of place. It was a risky idea that pays off.

Beautiful art

A fun ending to a great story.

One of the advantages to Andolfo being the creator of Unnatural is the unique and strong insight she has into the characters. Since she created them, the art matches the writing perfectly. There is never a panel that seems out of place. Andolfo’s work is able to convey emotion and atmosphere with each page. Whether it’s feeling or action, Unnatural does an excellent job.

Along with the look matching the writing, the book looks beautiful. The art is gorgeous with coloring that complements the mood flawlessly. Rebirth is filled with vibrant pages. The flashback scenes have a grey and blue that take on a dreamlike quality. The dark red and shadows accentuate the look of the entire book. Unnatural is appropriately gorgeous to look at.

Unnatural Vol. 3: Rebirth
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A fitting ending to a wonderful story, 'Rebirth' is a mix of great storytelling and beautiful art. Fun and topical.
Art matches the storytelling perfectly
Andolfo takes risks that pay off
Melodramatic at times
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