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Bad Reception #2 Review

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Bad Reception #2 Review

Our star couple has said their ‘I do’s,’ but the wedding cake isn’t the only thing getting cut this evening.

New York Times best-selling author/techno ethicist Blaise Bordeaux-Davis and superstar actress, singer, and social media star Gaia have officially tied the knot. Now, onward to the reception party of the year for some dancing, wedding cake, and– an unsuspecting guest getting brutally murdered!? Writer/Artist Juan Doe’s social experiment slasher comic continues and gives us a small insight into some of the remaining cast of characters. If you haven’t already read the first issue there’s still plenty of time to catch up on this great new series, Bad Reception.

If you’re not familiar with the comic already, let me catch you up to speed. A celebrity power couple decides to have their dream wedding in an isolated location with no use of techno devices of any sort, at all. We soon learn that they might have chosen the wrong place, for a sadistic maniac is waiting in the woods to pick them off one by one. Issue #2 sees our two main protagonists, Blaise and Gaia, become Mr. and Mrs. Bordeaux-Davis. And, while the newlyweds are enjoying their moment and the party guest are all distracted, our unknown assailant begins his bloodbath.

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Bad Reception #2 Review
Aftershock Comics

I dug the second book just as much as the first. Doe’s plot combines great horror films like The Strangers, The Collector, and You’re Next to create his own twist on the home invasion thriller. The issue’s true strength lies in how Doe balances the wedding reception versus the bloody disruption that occurs. That’s the brilliance of stories like these where characters don’t know what’s coming until it’s too late.

The Characters

Most of the guests are enjoying the festivities while some of them have their own agendas in mind. Gaia’s agent Liz is more concerned with getting Gaia back on social media so they can reach a billion followers. Meanwhile, Gaia’s own father is looking to cash in on selling pictures of her wedding. Doe uses the wedding reception to show which characters will put up a fight versus those who will be killed off easily.  

Bad Reception #2 Review
Aftershock Comics

The Killer

Our masked murderer has remained very mysterious so far in the story. This issue, we get a glimpse of what he or she looks like during a splash page. The identity and face are kept hidden of course, but I did notice that the killer was wearing night-vision goggles. His arms are also covered in bandages — perhaps so he doesn’t damage himself during encounters.  This may indicate that he’s a hunter of some sort and likes to hunt people for sport.

Bad Reception #2 Review
Aftershock Comics

The Art

Doe’s illustrations have a nice gritty feel to them which I think works well for the story he’s trying to tell. You can tell in his work that he’s a natural for telling a decent horror tale. Visually, the book looks like an ’80s slasher flick which is right up my alley. His character designs and pencil work remain solid and on point as well. The splash page with a menacing ice pick is hands-down the best moment in the book.

The Verdict

Bad Reception #2 is a decent second issue that opens the flood gates for the killing spree that is probably going to begin next issue. It’ll be interesting to see the creative deaths that Doe comes up in the issues that follow. If you like horror comics then you’ll definitely want to keep reading this series. Be sure to download or pick up your copy today.

Bad Reception #2 Review
Bad Reception #2
Is it good?
A great buildup to the bloodbath that is soon to come.
Good pacing
Crazy awesome climax
Great writing

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