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Nightwing Annual #2 Review

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Nightwing Annual #2 Review

Ric Grayson’s first days lead to some changes in his current daze.


Dan Jurgens and Travis Moore’s Nightwing Annual reveals the days right after Dick Grayson was shot and his transformation into Ric Grayson happened.  This is a perfect missing or hidden issue in the current run of Nightwing and really makes for a nice tie-in piece with DC’s Year of the Villain going on across the comic book line.  Dan Jurgens has really breathed some new life into the Nightwing series since taking over with issue #59, so let us take a look at the Annual.

Nightwing Annual #2 Review
Nightwing Annual #2, DC Comics

Right off the bat, that cover by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund is breathtaking!  It really takes us back to that scene in Batman #55 in which Nightwing was shot by the KGBeast; always some sweet eye candy when Dan and Norm team up.  Travis Moore does a fantastic job on the interiors of this issue — there are lots of Bat-Family guest stars and some flashbacks, but Moore does a great job when it comes to both action moments in the book and endearing family moments.  Sadly that Dick Grayson Robin costume from the New 52 is still in canon, but that’s just my opinion of it. 

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Nightwing Annual #2 Review
Nightwing Annual #2, DC Comics

This issue will fit in perfectly with the direction that Dan Jurgens is taking Ric Grayson in with the Year of the Villain and Talon happing in the main series.  The story reminds me of the Secret Files and Origins that DC used to do, and honestly this is an annual that is actually worth picking up.  There was a good while there where annuals just felt like something I was buying to keep my collection complete, but ever since Tom King’s Batman Annual #1 it has been causing everyone to up their game and Dan does so here.  I don’t want to spoil too much of the issue for you, but it does give Dick/Ric Grayson a nice tale of his early days with his family and time in the circus. The payout is going to be great for the main comic series after this annual; something sinister is affecting Dick/Ric Grayson and his memories.    

Nightwing Annual #2 Review
Nightwing Annual #2, DC Comics

Since Dan Jurgens has taken over this comic, it really hasn’t been a chore to read anymore — it finally feels like it has a focus and direction.  So if you wandered away from the book and miss Dick Grayson, then I would highly recommend using this annual as a way to return and you will get some different views and insights to the first few days of Ric Grayson.  Plus, this would make great reading if you reread Batman #54 and #55 then the Annual, and follow with Nightwing #50.

Nightwing Annual #2 Review
Nightwing Annual #2
Is it good?
If you had fallen off the Nightwing book, then this is a perfect issue to return with. If you stayed with the book, then Dan Jurgens and company have found a new hook to reward the fans. There is some payoff with Ric's situation that will make the next issues of the main series very interesting.
Dan Jurgens and Travis Moore bring their A games to this annual and make for a story that will affect the main series
Nice "missing pages" that help us to understand how Ric Grayson came to be
Major plot point that will help the main series and just might lead to Dick's return (maybe)

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