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AIPT Comics Podcast Episode 45: Dawn of X check-in, big two teases, and Yondu for all fans

Keeping you up to date and connected with the latest comic book news and more.

Welcome back to the official AIPT Comics podcast where your hosts Forrest Hollingsworth and David Brooke discuss their favorite comics of last week, news, their most anticipated books out next week.

This week we have two special segments, the first is Trending Now where we dissect the comic industry and specifically how Marvel Comics releases solicits and news on future issues extra early. In the second we check-in on Dawn of X now that we’re halfway through the first 6 series and reflect on the new direction for X-Men.

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In the news we discuss next week’s Yondu which was dubbed “NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN meets THE NICE GUYS in Space’, Joe Bennett no longer drawing Immortal Hulk #28…is doing Shazam…drama, DC owning leaks showing off Dan Didio’s Ultimate Timeline, Tom King Predicts anger and tears at final Batman issues, and final two issues of The Beauty pulled by Image with no resolicit.

Our picks of the week:


  1. Hellboy and The B.P.R.D.: Long Night at Goloski Station #1 (W: Mike Mignola, A: Matt Smith)
  2. Joker: Killer Smile #1 (W: Jeff Lemire, A: Andrea Sorrentino)


  1. Excalibur #1 (W: Tini Howard, A: Marcus To)
  2. Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Death of Superman #1 (W: Jeff Loveness, A: Brad Walker)

Our top covers of the week come from Grendel: Devil’s Odyssey #2 by Gabriel Ba and New Mutants #1 by Bob McLeod.

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