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AEW's record system will reset similar to sports seasons.


AEW’s win/loss records will reset yearly

AEW’s record system will reset similar to sports seasons.

According to Nick Jackson on Twitter, the AEW win/loss record will not be a long running statistic, but one that resets on a yearly basis. In a follow up tweet, Nick presumes this reset will take place in January so we could be as little as two months away from the first instance of this happening.

Focusing on the win/loss record is something that AEW regards as a defining feature of the brand and one aspect that separates itself from other major promotions like WWE. Resetting the record provides a fresh start for AEW booking on an annual basis and gives them an opportunity to play with who is statistically the best. So far this announcement appears to be a welcome one by fans.

Check back here every Friday for an update of the top five roster ranking in each division. 

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