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The Last God #2 Review

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The Last God #2 Review

The failures of the past resurface to haunt an unguarded world. Can our failed heroes redeem themselves?

We all have regrets.  We’ve all made mistakes.  In The Last God, however, our heroes’ mistakes may cost the world.  Thirty years ago, the fellowship came together to kill the last god and ensure peace throughout all of Cain Anuun.  Except they didn’t, and that lie is now coming back with a vengeance — one so brutal and visceral that entire cities are lost in a single night.  But what happens when the last god consumes the king?  How are you supposed to fight against one of your brethren?  In The Last God #2, we bear witness to a rampage from the gods in both the past and present, and these gods are much more grotesque than the ones you might find on Olympus.

The world of The Last God is quite a bit different than our own, and understanding it is crucial to getting the most out of this book.  This is a world surrounded by a void.  A void filled or populated with gods that want to consume the world once more.  They wreaked havoc far and wide on a world forced to live in fear until Tyr and the fellowship were able to vanquish the last god.  That’s how the story is told, anyway.  Now, Tyr’s falsehoods have come back to haunt him.  The Last God branded Tyr and has mutated him into something unrecognizable.  Everything accomplished 30 years ago was all for nothing as citizens are once again in mortal danger, and a new fellowship must try to achieve what the old one could not.  None of the original members will talk about what happened, or what didn’t, but they may have to if they want to save their world.

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The Last God #2 Review

At its core, The Last God is a story about failed promises and what they do to our souls. The fellowship all profited from spreading the falsehood that they vanquished the last god.  The entire world was reconstructed into a society predicated on the fact that people no longer had to live in fear of the gods, but these lies planted seeds of corruption that surfaced thirty years later.  A significant portion of the story is told through Queen Cyanthe’s eyes as she witnesses her partner turn into something unrecognizable.  You can see the pain, doubt, and fear in her face as she has to face down Tyr, who is lost forever.  As we learn more of the past and venture further into the future, Cyanthe proves to be a strong main character who clearly has the resolve to right past wrongs.

A large part of this book’s success is thanks to its art and lore.  We seldom get to see some of the best artists working in comics today unleash their full talents on a high fantasy book, but that’s exactly what we get here.  Federici is drawing one of the most beautiful books of the year.  His expressive line work and ability to focus on the characters in each panel while still creating explosive and kinetic backgrounds is unparalleled. Then, once he’s able to get to the monsters, Federici is truly able to shine as he delivers some of the most gruesome and grotesque gods you’ll find in any book on the shelves.

Gho’s colors alternate between the past world after the wreckage and the present world on fire.  The past is filled with dark blue-grays as the threat of the last god still looms, while the present is covered in fiery oranges slowly becoming corrupted with blacks and greens.  It’s a beautiful book through and through.  Napolitano’s SFX brings the visceral attacks to life, and Steve Wands designs for the lore and backmatter are impeccable.  They even have a cartographer!  This truly is some of the best worldbuilding in comics.

The Last God #2 Review
The Last God #2
Is it good?
The Last God is an all-around work of art with incredible worldbuilding, phenomenal design work, and a lot of heart.
Brutal and visceral action supported by well-written character work on every page.
Backmatter and lore that make the world materialize before your eyes.
A beautiful look at how failed promises come back to haunt us.
The lore gives us a sense of what this world is and who lives in it, as well as their motivation and purposes, but how does this world operate? What are the mechanics?

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