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Daredevil #14 Review

Tensions continue to build as more of the major players cross paths and form alliances.

In this issue of Daredevil we finally get that conversation that they teased us with last issue: Matt Murdock and Detective Cole North finally talk.  Tensions between the characters has been building as we have witnessed the Owl take on the underworld, the NYPD has been choosing which laws to obey, Hell’s Kitchen’s citizens are taking the law into their own hands, and Matt has been causing trouble with the women in his life. 

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Daredevil #14

Just like the cover shows us, this issue opens up in a coffee shop where Matt and Detective Cole meet to talk about their run-ins and their philosophy on law.  I love the conversation that they have because it talks about what is “right.”  Rightness can mean many things and these two characters are perfect for this philosophical battle because they also deal with “justice.”  Things can take turns when you deal with words like “right” and “justice.”  It is great because these two characters are such outliers that they would have significantly different points of view.  The conversation does get heated, but it is so worth it. 

Daredevil #14

Matt also has interactions with Mindy that do not go very well.  I like how in Matt’s point of view he is trying to protect her by having her leave, but she doesn’t see it that way.  She sees it as just another man trying to tell her what to do and calling it love/feelings — her reaction was perfect.  I do like that there is something finally building with Elektra as he shares with her that the police are being corrupted, and Fisk is the Mayor, so the two of them should go after the Governor. It’s going to be very exciting as that might run parallel to what is happening to Fisk.

Daredevil #14

The problem that Wilson Fisk is facing is really exciting as he was a big fish in Hell’s Kitchen, but now he is in a bigger pond and doesn’t have much experience with his new rivals.  The phone call that he gets from the Stromwyns is just crazy; they dance around what happened last issue, so it seems they know.  They are calling out both Fisk and Wesley for a meeting at their campus and it sounds like they won’t take no for an answer.  I can’t wait to see that confrontation. 

Daredevil #14

Plus, we see that Izzy Libris calls for a meeting with Hammerhead in order for them to hold back the Owl and his forces.  The Owl has been running wild now that Fisk is playing in a different field, so a big gang war looks to be brewing…hopefully Daredevil will return to stop it.

Overall, this is another solid issue in this story arc. Chip Zdarsky delivers with his intense situations and dynamic dialogues.  It’s like watching all four pots on the stove and they are boiling and you are just waiting to see which will pour out first. Pure tension.  Artists Marco Checchetto and Francesco Mobili continue to hand in page after page of masterpiece art.  Each page is designed very nicely and the characters are just amazing.  They manage to make a conversation over coffee bold enough to be in a Daredevil comic and make you want more! 

Is it good?
Tensions continue to build as more of the major players cross paths and form alliances. If you're wanting some gritty, noir drama, this is it. Another dynamic issue of Daredevil.
The creative team continues to deliver amazing story and art as always
We get a confrontation between Matt Murdock and Detective Cole North, interesting bedfellows
Alliances are formed between two gangs, which could build for future troubles

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