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Avengers Vol. 4: War of the Realms TPB Review

The new Squadron Supreme of America is there to help…but who are they?

In this trade paperback, issues #18 – 21 of Avengers (2018) will be collected along with the Avengers story from the Free Comic Book Day 2019 (Avengers/Savage Avengers) issue.  These issues will be looking at some various themes and also the Marvel event War of the Realms, which was also written by Jason Aaron.  Let us take a look at what awaits us in this TPB edition.

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The trade opens with issue #18, “Crisis on Ten Realms,” which showcases the new versions/members of the Squadron Supreme of America (SSA).  I found this issue to be really fun and the fact that it was Ed McGuinness’s art just took me back to some of his JLA work, which is a great way to bait the fan base with a JLA Avengers showdown/crossover.  I am very shocked to see who is behind the SSA and Agent Coulson’s actions — this devilish character sure has been getting around more than I thought.  Overall, just pure fun and I can’t wait for the big showdown that will hopefully come.  Next was issue #19, “The Man in the Mountain,” and this was an epic chapter that shows the Avengers defending their home from this siege. Lots of characters make quick appearances and this was honestly makes me want to go and read the full event. 

Issue #20, “No Fun,” is a character-driven issue for Jennifer Walters and her She-Hulk persona.  I’ve always had a soft spot for issues like this when it comes to a person and their “Hulk anger.”  It was interesting to see how Jennifer handled it and honestly, I heard some people say they didn’t care for the way she was portrayed, so I highly recommend you read the issue and find out for yourself.  The final Avengers series issue in the trade is #21, “The Day After a Day Unlike Any Other,” and this was pure fun.  It really reminded me of those X-Men issues where they meet up to play basketball or baseball.  Nice little character moments and some great team bonding; human moments for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. 

The last comic in here was the FCBD 2019 issue and this was a great way to get new readers wanting to see what will happen with these stories inside.  For the long-term fan, this was a great way to hype up interest and make you want more.  Great things look to be coming in Jason Aaron’s run, so stay tuned. 

The TPB has some bonuses, including variant covers and sketch pages from the artists involved in the original comics.  Not a bad little TPB, and at an MSRP of $15.99, it could be cheaper than picking up back issues.  If you’re an Aaron Avengers fan pick it up for your collection. If you’re wanting a fun read with most of Marvel’s best heroes, this will give you that as well as some great interactions with Marvel’s Best.

Is it good?
Epic adventures of Earth's Mightiest Heroes along with tales that give strong character moments. Lots of big moments with strong art and comic book pages by several great Marvel artists.
Great issue of Avengers defending their home turf
Nice intro and origins for the "new" Squadron Supreme
Lots of setup so you might need the next volume to get the pay off
Not many extras/bonuses to make the TPB extra special
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