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Reaver #6 Review

The fall of the Anvil?

In Reaver #6, writer Justin Jordan brings the pain, anarchy and brutal violence that only he knows how to deliver sadly to a temporary end. It’s the last book of the first arc for our motley crew of degenerate warriors who have managed to dodge death’s doorstep in the previous issues. With some insanely great illustrations by Rebekah Isaac, Jordan and Isaac have truly saved the best for last as the battle at The Anvil comes to a climactic finish. Will all of hell’s dozen make it out alive this time? You’ll have to read it to find out.

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The Writing and Art

There’s a lot of pressure these days to create a series that readers gravitate towards. It’s even more difficult to deliver a decent conclusion to an arc that will bring people back for the next. Luckily for Jordan and Isaac, they execute both perfectly. Villains monologuing, heroes sacrificing themselves for the greater good, you can tell through Jordan’s writing that his creative voice comes from a place of passion. Complemented by the brilliant illustrations by Isaac, you have a recipe that’s very unlikely to fail.

Jordan and Isaac’s artistic vision is filled with the majestic stuff nerd dreams are made of. Isaac’s Reaver illustrations have not only been a delight to look at but its reminiscent nature transports you back to the days of classic works like Conan the Barbarian with Arnold Swartzanegger. Issue #6 is no exception; Jordan and Isaac manage to keep the unpredictability, humor, and action in the imagery and script focused and moving full speed ahead. The events of the story feel larger than life and seem like there’s a lot more that is about to unfold than what’s uncovered in this final issue.

The Verdict

Reaver #6 is filled with a lot of great moments, including Rekala taking on the protagonist sorcerer. It’s definitely one of the best comic series of 2019. It’s got heart, charisma, humor, bloody violence, and a woman who eats skin — you can’t ask for anything more.

Is it good?
Reaver #6 brings volume one to a close with some shocking revelations and intense action. It's not an issue to miss.
Creative fight sequences
Amazing Illustrations
Great ending to the first arc

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