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Farmhand #12 Review: The Freeport Crawfish Massacre

Killer fish causes trouble for Zeke and his colleagues.

Human transplant farmer Jedidiah Jenkins’ seed is continuing to spread and wreak havoc across the town of Freeport.  This time, the agronomic shenanigans and mutations bring us to Comeaux Crawfish Farms in writer/illustrator Rob Guillory’s latest issue, Farmhand #12. A locally hired fisherman is snapped to death by a large group of mutated killer crawfish. When the Freeport police department discovers his mutilated body they call the one person who may be able to make sense of all this, Andrea Jenkins.  With hazardous incidents popping up all over town, does Jedidiah Jenkins know more about what’s going on than he’s leading everyone to believe?

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Jedidiah Jenkins shares one thing in common with Nick Fury: they keep A LOT of secrets. Since the very first issue of Farmhand, we’ve known that Jed’s been lying and covering up the truth about his human organ transplants, the Jedidiah seed, and his strange relationship/connection to Mayor Thorne. Issue #12 serves as another display of his stubbornness to admit things around town are continuing to spiral out of control. It’s also worth asking whether it was intentional or not that Guillory threw in a nice foreshadow in the issue #11 opening flashback where we see Jed and friends eating crawfish.

So far the second arc of Farmhand has been fantastic. The wisecracks, Guillory Easter eggs, and creepiness are on full display. We’ve been led on an incredible journey thus far that seems to have only scratched the surface of what’s truly going on in the town of Freeport. Guillory has really found his voice in writing this story.  Aside from some fantastic visuals Guillory has given us since the first issue, he’s done something else entirely with this plot that is not easy to accomplish. 

His characters really show that he knows how to blend comedy and horror together really well. One minute two characters could be sharing a funny panel about cooking and the next someone is eaten by a giant plant monster. Zeke, Jed, Mae, Mayor Thorne, Zeke’s children Abigail and Riley are all compelling, fleshed out characters that have agendas and motives. Hopefully, this arc gives a little more time for the Jenkins family kids and wife to shine.

The Verdict

Farmhand #12 is a great new addition to the series and plants a few more mysteries to keep the reader guessing. The artwork seems to get more detailed with each issue. If you enjoy horror and comedy then you’ll definitely want to read this series if you are not already. The tension is growing in Freeport and I can’t wait to see what happens when it reaches its boiling point.

Is it good?
Farmhand #12 continues to add fuel to the flaring fire in Freeport. It's funny, intriguing, and the artwork just keeps getting better.
Amazing illustrations
Interesting plot developments
Solid writing

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