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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Nessa cosplay by Leiracosplays

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Water-type Gym Leader comes to life courtesy of Leiracosplays.

Nessa, the Water-type Gym Leader of Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Hulbury Gym has never looked more ready to sink the competition than she does here in her real-life cosplay rendition, courtesy of Leiracosplays. Leira has the look and attitude of Nessa down cold, right down to the leg-up, baseball-pitch Pokeball delivery:

Some more info on Nessa, according to the back of her League Card in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

“Her father is a fisher, and her mother works in the marketplace. Perhaps because of her parents, she grew up playing with Water-type Pokémon and eventually made it all the way to being a Gym Leader. She met Sonia during their Gym Challenge, and they continue to be close friends. Nessa often gives Sonia fresh seafood from Hulbury. She has declared that Milo of Turffield is her rival, but Milo responded by saying that his rival is himself.”

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I’m done with the bulk of my Nessa cosplay – yay 🎊 😆 I’m so so proud of my work 😭 I managed to put this cosplay together from leftover fabric and Eva foam scraps. I cannot wait to finish it completely and show y’all the final result 💙 I hope to post more soon. I’m trying to get two more cosplays finished by the end of this month 💪🏽 🤞🏽 #nessa #nessacosplay #nessapokemon #pokemonswordandshield hield #pokemon #swordandshield #pokemoncosplay #cosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplaygirl #cosplaywip #wip #videogames #anime #manga #cosplaygirl #cosplaysexy #cosplayer #blackcosplayerhere #blackcosplayersrock #poccosplay #hispaniccosplayer #blackcosplayer #blackcosplay #cosplaygirls #cosplaysidebyside #selfie #cosplaycomparison #e3 #sidebysidecosplay #costest

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