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Basketful of Heads #3 Review

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Basketful of Heads #3 Review

June tries to figure out her next move to finding Liam by talking to a head.

Sometimes hearing voices can be due to a lack of sleep or even extreme hunger. In June Branch’s case, the voices she’s hearing are coming out of a basket. That basket contains the head of a Shawshank convict she killed in self-defense. But the real questions are how is he still alive and does it have something to do with the old ancient battle axe she used? Comic writer Joe Hill and illustrator Leomacs’ creep-fest continues as June searches the cold rainy streets of Brody Island, Maine in search of the remaining prisoners who have her boyfriend, Liam. 

Basketful of Heads #3 sees June Branch come to the realization that she’s not hallucinating or dreaming and that she has, in fact, killed a man. She even goes as far as to cut herself with the mystical axe which ensures that this is indeed no laughing matter. We also get to see June’s mean streak as she questions the head for answers as to where and why did the remaining prisoners take her boyfriend Liam. Although stubborn and hoping to see her fail, the talking head does provide some alternative information regarding the seeming suicide of the girl with the backpack full of rocks from the first issue. Soaked, confused, and armed with a talking head and her axe, she travels the deserted roads in search of Liam.

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Basketful of Heads #3 Review

This book much like the second issue serves as a prequel to the first issue and does a great job of giving the reader more detail on the plot. If you’ve ever seen the film Swiss Army Man, it gives that familiar vibe in the sense of walking around with something not living but can talk. But I don’t see June doing any impressions of this felon. The events that occur are being told with a very Tarantino style, and it works tremendously. Some other elements of the story that could just be a coincidence but are worth mentioning are that three issues in, each issue keeps bringing us back to the bridge at the opening of the first issue. We don’t get more backstory on the ancient axe, but it’s definitely implied in this issue that it has something to do with the criminal still being alive without his body.

Basketful of Heads #3 Review

 The story has been a very entertaining journey so far. Making the main protagonist an especially good person in a horrifying situation helps the reader have empathy for the character and the events that have befallen onto her. Matched with some incredible Creepshow/B level horror movie-inspired illustrations, Hill and Leomacs’ work only gets better with each issue. The grittiness, dreariness of the rain, and creep factor are all in sync.

The Verdict

Overall, the plot and artwork have been pretty solid with moving the story forward and getting to the point. Hill and Leomacs work great together and hopefully will do more horror stories in the future. Each book ends on such a great cliffhanger that you can’t wait to get your hands on the next issue. Basketful of Heads #3 should be on everyone’s list during your next trip to the comic book store and would make a great holiday gift for any horror comic fan.

Basketful of Heads #3 Review
Basketful of Heads #3
Is it good?
Basketful of Heads #3 is another great prequel issue that explains the events that lead up to the opening of the first issue of the series.
Fantastic horror film inspired artwork
Intense moments
Great cliffhanger
Solid writing
We have to wait to get our hands on the next issue !

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