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I Can Sell You a Body #1 Review

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I Can Sell You a Body #1 Review

Denny Little can talk to ghosts, but if he can’t produce $100,000 in 24 hours, he may become one himself.

They say communication is key, but does that include talking to the dead? Writer Ryan Ferrier and artist George Kambadais put a new spin on the phrase “out-of-body experience” in their new criminal haunt comic I Can Sell You a Body. It’s easy to see why: the story combines just the right blend of humor, action, and paranormal shenanigans. It’s an irresistibly funny supernatural tale that you have to read to believe.

I Can Sell You a Body #1 tells the story of a sarcastic former TV psychic named Denny Little, who possesses a very real ability to communicate with the dead. For a generous fee that can climb as high as $100,000, he connects people with their deceased loved ones. He can even attempt to restore their soul into a body using a process he calls Reverse Exorcism. However, when he fails to deliver a new body for the father of a crime boss named Mr. Gallo, he has 24 hours to do make it happen or Gallo’s will kill Denny. To make matters worse, he has to come up with a hundred grand plus interest to pay back. 

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I Can Sell You a Body #1 Review

This issue covers a lot of ground involving plot details within the first issue. From the moment we meet Denny Little, we realize three things: he’s sort of a prick, he really can talk to the dead, and he hasn’t quite been using his powers to help anyone but himself. Think Whoopi Goldberg’s character Oda Mae Brown from Ghost meets Michael J. Fox’s character Frank Bannister from The Frighteners. He’s clearly an individual who gets in his own way which makes the story fun, entertaining, and unpredictable. Who knows if he’ll even still be alive by the final issue.

I Can Sell You a Body #1 Review

The Art

George Kambadais’ illustrations have an Archie Comics type of look to them mixed with the elegance of great artists like Sina Grace. He’s very good at showcasing the facial expressions of all the characters. His transitions during stages where Denny is communicating with the spiritual realm are some of my favorite of the issue. The book is bright and colorful which contrasts with the darker elements of the story but it’s that mix that gives the book the edginess it needs. 

I Can Sell You a Body #1 Review

The Verdict

This book is a lot of fun to read and despite the main protagonist being kind of a tool you still find yourself rooting for him. I Can Sell You a Body #1 is a great story about the abuse of power and learning from your mistakes. Hopefully, in the three remaining issues in this four-part series, Denny learns that lesson before it’s too late. It’s definitely a story you want to keep on your radar.

I Can Sell You a Body #1 Review
I Can Sell You a Body #1
Is it good?
I Can Sell You a Body #1 is a great new look at the paranormal.
Great characters designs facial features, and paranormal elements
Easy to understand plot

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