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New Mutants #5 Review

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New Mutants #5 Review

A rollicking good time.

This week in New Mutants, Jonathan Hickman and Rod Reis take the book back over with space adventures, Sunspot totally hits on a bird lady, and the fourth wall continues to be broken! In what is possibly the best looking Dawn of X title there is the creative team keeps the action-heavy and the strong personalities of these mutants at the forefront. Hell, it even shows us how you can call a girl a “bird” and get away with it!

This issue opens with a heavy dose of captions recapping how we got here and what Sunspot is all about. It’s a nice way to catch us up after two issues on Earth in Ed Brisson’s part of the story and Hickman quickly jumps into Sunspot character development right off the bat. Normally I’d detest so much catch up, but it’s warranted since we haven’t been with these characters for a bit. As the story progresses Hickman continues to show he’s very good at spreading love on this team book. Nearly every character gets a moment to shine, express themselves, or at the very least kick some butt. The heroes are attempting to transport a “royal rebel” to her homeworld. Unfortunately for the New Mutants, she’s not welcome by everyone. Soon the team is threatened by alien boarding parties and this pirate tale continues to be a rollicking good time.

New Mutants #5 Review

These pages are so very helpful.
Credit: Marvel Comics

Fans of these characters are going to love this book. Magik, in particular, stands out–which is fitting as she’s prominent in the trailer that dropped this week–and she even gets to show off some customary attitude. Karma comes out of the battle with one of the most badass and equally funny fight scenes I’ve seen in ages. It’s obvious the creative team is having a ton of fun with the series and it shows. That includes a quiet moment of two mutants sharing a cocktail or Sunspot assuming a certain someone is smitten with his looks and not his money.

Rod Reis really knows how to make a scene pretty. In an earlier scene, we see Gladiator looking on at his Shi’ar homeworld city and it’s cast in oranges and reds beautifully. The use of color gives the scene a sense of entitlement and pride that helps get across his and his people’s personality type very well. Meanwhile, the New Mutants are cast in blues and a calming color when on the page to help remind us these are the good guys. A cutaway to the enemy ship will make any Star Trek fan swoon since it has not only a slight dutch angle, but there’s a bit of smoke and red glowing lights that could easily stand in as a Klingon bridge. When it comes to visuals there is a lot to soak in with this book.

Another fun issue that continues to spread the love across the team. I’d argue this is the strongest team book amongst the Dawn of X line and it’s a colorful adventure you should not miss.


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New Mutants #5 Review
New Mutants #5
Is it good?
Another fun issue that continues to spread the love across the team. I'd argue this is the strongest team book amongst the Dawn of X line and it's a colorful adventure you should not miss.
Rod Reis' art is spectacular especially the colors and color story
Hickman spreads the love across the team very well
The opening captions help characterize Sunspot and also catch us up after a two issue delay
The choice to have this story take a break for two issues and then come back is so strange as it hurts the flow of the story

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