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AIPT Comics Podcast Episode 54: Lonnie Nadler talks Black Stars Above, Marvel series and more, plus our best of 2019

We interview guest Lonnie Nadler, recap the news, and make our picks for best comics 2019!

This week we recap the biggest news, have guest comic book writer Lonnie Nadler on to talk about his Vault Comics series and Yondu series at Marvel Comics, and finally, we make our picks for Best comics of 2019!

In the news, Wraith is getting his own book in April one-shot, IDW and the Smithsonian launch a joint publication program, GLAAD announces comics awards, and Comics sales and orders were up 2.0% in 2019, approaching $500million!

And finally, our best comics of 2019! The winners are…

  • ‘Gone too soon’ Best canceled series
    • David: Loki
    • Forrest: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
  • Best Writer
    • David: Jason Aaron
    • Forrest: Si Spurrier
  • Best Artist
    • David: Bilquis Evely
    • Forrest: Tradd Moore
  • Best Cover Artist
    • David: Alex Ross
    • Forrest: Julian Tedesco
  • Best Colorist
    • David: Matthew Wilson
    • Forrest: Ian Herring (Ghost-Spider)
  • Best Letterer
    • David: Joe Sabino
    • Forrest: Hassan Ostmane-Elahou
  • Best Newcomer
    • David: NK Jemisin
    • Forrest: Darcy Van Poelgeest
  • Best Single Issue (structured as a one-shot)
    • David: Doctor Strange #18
    • Forrest: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6
  • Best Non-2019 comic we read for the first time this year
    • David: Hit-Monkey by Daniel Way
    • Forrest: Dorohedoro
  • Best Graphic Novel
    • David: Swimming in Darkness
    • Forrest: Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me
  • Comic we wish we spent more time with/were caught up on
    • David: Action Comics
    • Forrest: Conan (+ tie ins)
  • Best Single Panel
    • David: Avengers: No Road Home double-page splash of all the heroes by Sean Izaakse
    • Forrest: Absolute Carnage #1 page 2: history of Venom spread
  • Best Comic for Younger Readers
    • David: Dear Justice League
    • Forrest: Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass
  • Best Manga
    • David: Vinland Saga Vol 11
    • Forrest: Gou Tanabe’s At the Mountains of Madness
  • Best Genre Comic
    • David: Powers of X
    • Forrest: Gideon Falls
  • Best Miniseries (1-6 issues)
    • David: Spider-Man: Life Story
    • Forrest: Batman: Universe
  • Best Maxiseries (6-12 issues)
    • David: Peter Cannon Thunderbolt
    • Forrest: Coda

Top 3 Favorite comics


  1. The Dreaming
  2. Justice League
  3. House of X


  1. Martian Manhunter
  2. Coda
  3. Silver Surfer: Black

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