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EXCLUSIVE: Ed Brisson and Declan Shalvey talk new series ‘The Punisher vs. Barracuda’ #1

Punisher fights ‘the baddest of the bad’ this April in a new 5-issue miniseries.

The Punisher may be the character best tailored for a miniseries. Establish the stakes, establish the enemies, and then have our favorite gun-toting hero enact justice for five or six glorious issues. He’s getting a new five-issue series from writer Ed Brisson and artist Declan Shalvey this April and we have an exclusive first look at the solicitation as well as some words from the creators.

Ed Brisson let us know he’s been planning this for a while. “This book has been in the cooker for a bit and I can’t wait for folks to see what Declan and I have been mixing up.” The villain for this series is none other than Barracuda. “We’re bringing one of the baddest Punisher foes into the Marvel Universe proper for the first time. Barracuda’s broken out of prison and Frank’s trying to hunt him down in sunny Miami — a fun switch from the gritty streets of NYC.”

Shalvey most recently drew the covers on Ed Brisson and Mike Henderson’s Dead Man Logan, but now they’re working directly on story. “This is probably one of the most intense books I’ve written in my time at Marvel and I couldn’t be happier to be working on this with Declan.” Brisson said, “He and I have been talking about doing something like this together for nearly a decade and the wait was well worth it.”

Shalvey couldn’t agree more when he told us, “There’s a very short list of writers at Marvel I really wanted to work with and Ed was very much on that list. I’ve been a fan of his for many years, particularly his crime work and was always hoping we’d get a chance someday. The fact that is happening at Marvel, with Punisher of all books….? It’s just worked out perfectly.”

Shalvey pointed out Brisson captures Frank’s voice precisely, “and is writing one of the most glorifying, intense villains that is now in the larger Marvel universe. It’s such a guilty pleasure to draw Barracuda do such horrible things, especially to horrible people.”

Add in the different setting for a Punisher series in the bright and tropical Miami and you have a recipe for a different kind of Punisher story. “Shalvey pointed out the change in scenery has given me the chance to do a different looking Punisher book. Still very much a moody and intense book, everything I want in a Punisher series but employing a different ‘neon-noir’ sensibility with the wonderful Mat Lopes.”

To get the exclusive first look read the solicitation below!

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Barracuda, terror of the legendary PUNISHER MAX run, makes his Marvel Universe debut in this prestige miniseries from creators Ed Brisson and Declan Shalvey! While Frank Castle closes the case on a mob hitman hiding out in the Deep South, a brutal jailbreak in Miami catches his eye. But one of the escaped prisoners is the man known only as Barracuda, the most sadistic and dangerous of killers in a gangland filled with extremely dangerous and sadistic killers. Lock the doors and prep the morgues; war is coming to Miami!

Writer by ED BRISSON
Release Date: April 2020



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