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Sundance 2020: Aubrey Plaza answers hard hitting questions at ‘Black Bear’ premiere

A talk with Aubrey Plaza.

As April Ludgate on Parks & Recreation, Aubrey Plaza was one of the show’s fan favorites. Her dry humor and deadpan delivery made her one of the series’s breakout stars. While Plaza has never turned her back on comedy, in recent years she has taken on darker roles. Ingrid Goes West and Child’s Play have their more lighthearted moments, but they are definitely not comedies.

Plaza’s latest role is in the thriller Black Bear, a movie is about a couple who take in a guest and the lengths an artist will go to in order to find inspiration. The movie was directed by Lawrence Michael Levine and the cast includes Sarah Gadon and Christopher Abbot.

Black Bear is a movie whose description will never give it justice. AIPT caught up with Plaza on the red carpet at Sundance, where she spoke about the roles she likes to play, what she enjoys about Sundance, and Black Bear.


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