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Pet lovers beware of 'Marauders' #8

Comic Books

Pet lovers beware of ‘Marauders’ #8

The latest Dawn of X book ends in the saddest way possible.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

If you’ve been reading the Dawn of X books you know mutants can’t die anymore. Well, more specifically they can’t die forever since Xavier has a system where any mutant can be brought back to life. It’s a big deal — so much so that there is even going to be a series centered on the resurrection process in 2020. That only goes for mutants though and in Marauders #8 it appears a non-mutant fan-favorite character may be dead for good.

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As we saw in Marauders #7, Kate Pryde was surprise attacked by Sebastian Shaw. In that attack, he shot her companion Lockheed with a rope net.

Pet lovers beware of 'Marauders' #8

He then did the unthinkable and dropped Lockheed in the ocean.

Pet lovers beware of 'Marauders' #8

Clearly Sebastian doesn’t own pets or that’d really hurt his soul. The book ends with Kate also being dropped into the ocean and Sebastian points out she probably can’t be revived like normal mutants.

Issue #8 doesn’t tell us where Kate is and if she’s alright, but we do get confirmation on Lockheed. At the end of issue #8 we cut to Madrpipoor the poor alien dragon is scooped up out of the ocean.

Pet lovers beware of 'Marauders' #8

And according to this fisherman, it’s not looking good for Lockheed.

Pet lovers beware of 'Marauders' #8

Dead! First appearing in The Uncanny X-Men #166 in February 1983 the poor guy just turned 37.

What do you think, X-fans? Are Marvel Comics and Gerry Duggan ballsy enough to kill off the cutest purple dragon to ever grace a comic book? I for one am furious this cute little guy may be dead, but you have to wonder if he’ll come back soon. This is comics after all.

That’s only a sliver of the story in Mauraders #8 and I recommend you read the whole thing.


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