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Birds of Prey Review: A shot of pure adrenaline style fun

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Birds of Prey Review: A shot of pure adrenaline style fun

I knew of Harley Quinn and have been aware of this film for quite some time but I never saw Suicide Squad, so this film was my first real introduction. Birds of Prey is one of 2020’s greatest films so far. I was so entertained the entire way through and that’s thanks to an absolutely fabulous cast that gives it their all and then some, some very well choreographed action sequences, and an endlessly fun script. The goal of a film like this is to provide the audience with two hours or more of nonstop fun and quality entertainment and damn does this succeed! 

I was just blown away by the performances. Margot Robbie, who I have immense respect for due to her talent, simply owns this role. This crazy character bows down in submission to her. She plays everything in such a deliciously bonkers way and it never comes across as annoying and never gets old. Robbie is an undoubtedly talented actress and she proves that in every way as the lead here.

Rosie Perez has a solid presence about the way she plays her character. She’s a tough somewhat hardened woman and Perez uses that to her advantage. Her role isn’t meant to be funny or crazy like Harley; instead she serves as a driven woman of the law who’s just sick of the s**t. I’ve never heard of or seen Jurnee Smollett-Bell before but she held her own here and served as a nice addition to this group of leading ladies. Ewan McGregor is one of my favorite actors and I’ve had a special love for him recently due to how much I liked Doctor Sleep. His character in that film couldn’t be more different from his character here as he plays a ruthless scenery chewing villain. McGregor proves his range here by reveling in the over the top evil nature of his character. 

Birds of Prey Review: A shot of pure adrenaline style fun

The action is another aspect of this film that makes it the barrels of fun that it is. The action sequences are highly tongue in cheek, like the whole film, and they just revel in the stylized fashion of it all, which makes it fun for us to sit back and watch. The action is unrelenting and it’s frequent, but it’s not so much that it becomes numbing. Another great ingredient about the action is that every sequence has new exciting material. An issue that some action films have is that things become too repetitive and interest is lost. Thanks to the fresh new content they were able to come up with, Birds of Prey doesn’t have that problem. The visuals and vibrant images fit very well with the style and feel of everything; it livens things up. One detail I loved in particular when it comes to visuals is the colorful “fun gun” Harley Quinn uses in one scene. They utilize that so well and it’s just another fun fresh idea, that’s actually another good way to describe this entire film: fresh. And of course I can’t not talk about this script! I really admired the writers for going there and having the “all in” mindset. 

I love the theme of the entire script which is tongue in cheek and pretty meta. I couldn’t help but smile at the dialogue the characters (mainly Harley) engaged in. One of the clever things that’s a running gag is that whenever Harley comes into contact with a new person, the film freezes and it gives us their name and the grievance they have towards her. They were able to get some good laughs from that. The humor in general is pretty out there and sometimes dark, but because of the tongue in cheek style of it all it never seems tasteless.

The last thing I feel that I must cover about this film is the feminism. The feminism here is just pure badassery. As the film went on, I couldn’t help but think wow this film is a feminist anthem and I’m all in for it! The female characters aren’t grating and they don’t wedge in token feminism, they do it by simply giving us quality (diverse) female characters that are effortlessly capable. It’s great to see and it proves that tough action isn’t just for the boys! 

Birds of Prey Review: A shot of pure adrenaline style fun

Birds of Prey is just a great film, plain and simple! I had a wonderful time at the movies and I know you will too! I honestly don’t know how someone couldn’t have loads of fun with this one….

Birds of Prey Review: A shot of pure adrenaline style fun
Birds of Prey
Is it good?
Birds of Prey is a massive success due to the exceptionally talented cast, fresh action sequences, and fun tongue in cheek style of the script.
Margot Robbie
Rosie Perez
Ewan McGregor
Fresh action sequences
Striking/vibrant visuals
Fun tongue in cheek writing
One scene goes just a tad far with the dark violence

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