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Domino is the new 007.

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X-Force #7 Review

Domino is the new 007.

Domino is the new James Bond.

One of the things I have love most about this run of X-Force is that it is a series of espionage stories. They may be lacking a certain time traveling silver fox (Cable), but I’m more than on board with Sage leading the team. She deserves this time. She’s one of the coolest mutants, and essentially has the mutant power of a super spy.

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But this issue isn’t about Sage. It’s about Domino.

Domino is a character who I have loved since her original appearance in 1992. This girl has the mutant power of luck on her side. She’s also someone who has been through Hell, and still climbed out of the fiery pits with the devil’s head tied to a chain behind her.

What if she was stripped of that luck? What if she didn’t crawl out of every situation unscathed?

In recent events of X-Force, half of Domino’s body had been skinned, effecting her luck-altering powers. It’s a deeply disturbing plot point, and has since been walking around like she is Two-Face. But Domino isn’t a super villain, instead she channels that energy into being a damn good spy for the X-Men.

Domino is the new 007.

Stripped of her luck – as demonstrated when she rolls a pair of snake eyes – Domino works with Sage to solve a mystery of a series of pro-mutant politicians who have been assassinated across the globe. Sage is M, and Domino is James Bond. I love this concept.

During a speech by a pro-mutant biologist, Domino sees a masked enemy draw a sniper rifle. Of course Domino leaps out and gets into a 007-chase scene. She grabs a snowboard and fights her way down a snowy mountain, guns being fired as she moves around them in slow motion. They reach the bottom of the mountain, and continue their fight, Spy vs. Spy style.

Domino is the new 007.

“I’m the bad luck you wish you could shake off,” Domino says. (So good)

The assassin runs into a nearby casino (why not, this is still very James Bond), and Domino loses a beat on them. In the midst of the casino, Domino sees an old lady on a slot machine begging to some higher power to let her win three lucky sevens.

“Do you mind if I give it a try?” Domino says, as she places her hand over the slot machine’s crank.

And just like that, Domino wins the old woman the jackpot.

“What can I say? Luck is on my side,” Domino says with a grin.

This is so good. SO GOOD. I can’t stress how amazing it is to see Domino in this leading role. I could read a million of these super spy stories. Yes I miss Cable, but this spotlight on Domino is well-earned and worth it.

X-Force #7
Is it good?
If you are a fan of espionage films, or straight up just Domino, this is a great comic for you. Even if you don’t know much about the X-Men, this is an easy self-contained story that any reader can follow. Aside from the spy bits, it deals with trauma and PTSD. Being a superhero is hard, and some really messed up stuff can happen. This comic doesn’t shy away from that. In conclusion: I want more Domino and Sage, 007 style.
Domino and Sage as a super-spy a la 007 is fantastic.
This comic dives deep into dealing with depression, anxiety, and trauma -- And it does it well.
Domino is a bad ass.
Story is self-contained and easy to follow.
The art is GORGEOUS.

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