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HBO releases ‘The Outsider’ featurette with Stephen King

A behind the scenes look at episodes 5, 6, and 7.

If last night’s episode of The Outsider felt a little short to you (and it totally was), HBO made it up a bit by adding a short-yet-fascinating featurette to the end of the episode on their HBO Go streaming service.

The video, which was also posted to YouTube (and linked below), dives into what makes El Cuco such a unique entity/antagonist. It also breaks down some of the best scenes from the last few episodes:

  • Holly’s presentation to the investigative team
  • Ralph and Glory’s presentation meeting at her home
  • Jack getting his ass kicked by El Cuco in the form of his mom
  • Jack and Holly’s awkward car ride

In addition to hearing from Stephen King, we also get some behind-the-scenes insight from Richard Price (writer/executive producer), Andrew Bernstein (director/executive producer), and Dennis Lehane (writer) along with actors Ben Mendelsohn (Ralph Anderson) and Cynthia Erivo (Holly Gibney).

Erivo’s insight in particular is great, especially her mindset on how Holly felt presenting her theory to the group. Also, she and Mendelsohn continue the proud tradition of outstanding British and Australian actors who can affect an American accent so well that it’s shocking to hear them speak out of character.

While it would have been nice to get few more minutes of story, this featurette is definitely worth a watch–and should help tide us over until next Sunday.


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