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X-Men scoop: Jonathan Hickman sets the record straight on Jean Grey and Emma Frost’s relationship

Hickman gives us an answer on his take when it comes to Emma and Jean.

It has become a celebration here at AIPT when Jonathan Hickman takes part in Chris Hassan’s X-Men Monday weekly column and today we get Hickman’s latest answers. In part to hype the upcoming Giant-Size X-Men one-shot series starting with Emma Frost and Jean Grey (out February 26). Of the 13 answers, there are quite a few interesting bits of information one of which may set the Jean Grey and Emma Frost fans ablaze.

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The question Hickman answers is, “Are Jean Grey and Emma Frost rivals, frenemies or friends?” His answer may surprise you:

What’s it called when you respect each other, and intimately share a lot of things in your life, but refuse to visit the other persons house? Whatever ever that’s called is what they have going on.

The part that many might notice is his wording of “intimately share” which seems to suggest they may be sharing more than just seats on the Quiet Council. Is Hickman suggesting they share lovers too? Given how many fans want Marvel Comics to lean into the polyamorous relationship and explore that maybe that’s a direction they’re going in?

Regardless of the characters sharing, it’s quite clear Hickman is aware these two characters aren’t necessarily best friends.

For even more from Jonathan Hickman read the entire X-Men Monday interview here.


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