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X-Men news: Xavier’s identity gets a little more clear thanks to Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men Monday

So is Xavier in Fantomex’s body or not? We get the answers.

Jonathan Hickman has taken over X-Men Monday here at AIPT and he has plenty of interesting new insights into the X-Men franchise he’s helped reboot and reinvigorate. Along with New Mutants and X-Men, Hickman has the Giant-Size X-Men one-shot series coming out on February 26 which gives him ample room to create new narratives in the X-Men universe. Hickman answered 13 questions, and in one we learn a bit more about Xavier and his back story. More specifically, whether or not he’s in Fantomex’s body.

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The question he answered asked whether there are plans to address the Fantomex-Xavier body swap from Astonishing X-Men, or if it’s assumed to have been fixed as a result of the same process that has been resurrecting other mutants? Hickman said:

The Xavier we saw in HOX/POX and up to X-Force #1 was the Astonishing Xavier. Post resurrection is Charles in Charles’s body. We’ve drawn him ever so slightly skinnier.

But, you know, not for long, Chuck is working out.

This is a huge reveal as it explains Xavier’s resurrection places him back in his original body and not in the Fantomex body as we saw in Astonishing X-Men #6. We might have been able to guess this was the case since Fantomex is getting his own Giant-Size X-Men book, but it’s nice to get confirmation.

For even more from Jonathan Hickman read the entire X-Men Monday interview here.


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