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Co-publisher Dan Didio no longer at DC Comics

DC Comics gets a major surprise management shakeup.

Times are a-changing at DC Comics. With the much talked about 5G looming at DC Comics set to reboot — or recharge, however you want to look at it — the line, the man behind it all is now no longer with the company. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Didio is no longer with the company. There is no word yet on how he was let go or if it was his decision.

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The news comes as a big surprise considering Didio has been with the company since joining DC Comics back in January 2002 as vice president–editorial, was behind the ambitious New 52, and had a hand in all things DC Comics is known for over the last 15 plus years. Didio has had ups and downs at DC Comics and there were even rumors he was going to be fired in 2008, but as recently as 2017 Didio, along with co-publisher Jim Lee, was awarded the Guinness Book of World Records award for longest-running superhero comic with Action Comics #1000.

DC Comics has not yet released a statement on Didio leaving the company, but multiple sources across comic book press websites have confirmed the news. We’ll keep you posted the minute we find out directly from DC Comics what their next move is, especially since Jim Lee was co-publisher and may be affected by this turn of events.


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