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Suicide Squad #3 Review

Flips the Suicide Squad model on its head.

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Tom Taylor is bringing a little extra magic to Suicide Squad as it feels ever so slightly different than the usual Suicide Squad book. It starts with a bevy of new characters, but after reading issue #3 it’s quite clear he’s done more than just add new members to the team. No, he’s in fact inverting the entire concept which makes it all kinds of new again.

This issue opens where we left off last issue as Deadshot witnesses one of his teammates assassinate a president but over the coms makes it sound like they were attacked. Deadshot is in shock and unsure about what is going on. Taylor is exploring Deadshot’s nature a bit in this issue as he’s always played by the rules and followed orders. What happens when some new teammates go against those orders and how he reacts is an interesting angle to take. Harley is also a bit shocked by the proceedings and it’s mixing things up nicely. Furthering this story thread is a bit more detail on Lok’s whole deal leaving us on a good cliffhanger.

Other elements that work very well in this issue are Fin and Shark’s surprising scene and the unveiling of Jog and his incredible powers. There are fine details being made to flesh out these newer characters and help define this team going forward. Their powers are a bit different and it’s fun to see how Jog is limited a bit by his powers due to the requirement of rest.

You feel that button slam.
Credit: DC Comics

This issue is also quite cinematic thanks to well placed wide-angle shots in the opening by Bruno Redondo with colors by Adriano Lucas. In a few short panels, we get dynamic beats in a key scene that leads to a dramatic turn for our heroes. It’s easy to forget it’s a solitary scene and a short one at that, but it feels emphatic. There are plenty of great pages to call out in this issue too, like a 20-panel attack by Jog that utilizes white silhouettes well to hammer home his speed and precision, a proper amount of space on the page to allow a surprise turn to formulate, and a rather dark moment for Fin as he soaks in his terrible act. There are also fine details that add color and character like a moment where Fin taps “thank you” to a shark in a pop-out circular panel, or a cool shocked effect around Harley’s head as she’s surprised by what one of the newbies call her.

With the amount of richness of character and plot turns this issue has I will admit it’s a decompressed plot so far. It’s a slow burn story for sure and it doesn’t progress things that much save for the interesting surprise turns. Three issues in that’s the identity of this book.

I had a blast with the third issue of this series as it continues to define itself as a great blend of character and visual stimulation. It has cinematic feel fans won’t want to miss.

Is it good?
I had a blast with the third issue of this series as it continues to define itself as a great blend of character and visual stimulation. It has cinematic feel fans won't want to miss.
Cinematic feel that's hard to put down
Some interesting plot twists put the concept of Suicide Squad on its head
Certainly a slower plot progression story

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