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C2E2 day two: The DC Universe panel recap - Harley Quinn surprise and more!

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C2E2 day two: The DC Universe panel recap – Harley Quinn surprise and more!

The DC Universe panel was filled with surprises and interesting news.

After having really only one major panel to open the con, DC Comics came out swinging on day 2 with three major panels. The first of the day was the DC Universe Panel!

First up was the DC Universe panel.  Not a ton of news was announced during this one, as it was mainly used to promote the streaming service, but DC did have a few neat tricks up their sleeves. The panel was hosted by writer and DC Daily host Sam Humphries, and he began by talking about how Harley Quinn, along with writer Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Amanda Connor, will be getting her own letters column on DC Universe where the three of them will respond with advice towards whatever problems you’re having. They can be anything, and so far, they’ve been trying to stick to their specialties, but according to Palmiotti, people have been asking some creative questions. When getting into the mind of Harley, Palmiotti tries to think of his first impulse to everything he’s doing or everything that happens to him, which isn’t always a good idea.

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Next up came information on DC You Unscripted, a contest DC Universe was hosting for people around the world to pitch their own reality-based DC Universe show and Publisher Jim Lee came aboard to talk about them. DC Universe showed a number of contestants and revealed the three finalist shows. One was “Cross Country Comic Shop”, a show looking at how different local comic shops impact their communities. Portland’s Books with Pictures was confirmed to make an appearance on the show. The second was “Cosplay Clash”, which will be themed to Wonder Woman 1984.  The third will be “Escape from Arkham” with collaborative creative consultant Scott Snyder, who will be theming a sadistic escape room competition for fans.  Snyder said he loves these sorts of experiences and was all-too-happy to come aboard and prove that there are reasons to go to a place like Gotham if you want to bring your biggest challenges to life. As far as additional news about these shows, Molly Brady, the original creator of “Cosplay Clash” has come aboard as a writer, and the directors of each show were announced.  Matt Lincoln will direct “Escape from Arkham”, Sarah Thacker will direct “Cosplay Clash”, and Xavier Burgin will direct “Cross Country Comic Shop.”

Then after a brief discussion about DC Universe’s newest show, DC Universe AllStar Games hosted by Xavier Woods with guests Sam Witwer and Freddie Prince Jr., Sam Humphries revealed the big treat for the audience: letting them see the season two episode one of Harley Quinn. I obviously can’t reveal any spoilers, but I will say for those who saw season one, it only gets better.

The next panel was the Jim Lee Spotlight.


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