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The Invisible Man Review: A slick thriller propelled by a stellar lead

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The Invisible Man Review: A slick thriller propelled by a stellar lead

I wasn’t expecting The Invisible Man to get positive feedback from critics. The trailers just didn’t seem like it was going to be good. To me, it looked like a passable average remake that would get middle of the road to negative reviews. Well ladies and gents… I could not have been more wrong. The Invisible Man is sitting at an astounding 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and I agree that this film is quite a success. This film is a success due to Elisabeth Moss and her lead performance, the script, and the tense/effective action sequences.

I’ve enjoyed Moss in her previous film roles and she really excels in dramatic projects where emotion runs high. She has a lot of scenes in this film where she’s able to showcase her abundance of talent, these scenes involve a lot of exhausting terror induced intensity. There was never a moment I didn’t track with her or buy into her character because she just completely embodies this abused woman and is able to master both the physical and emotional aspects of the role. Some actors can convey so much just with their face and Moss is for sure one of those actors. The rest of the cast does a commendable job, though none really hold a candle to Moss though.

One thing I want to mention before I go into the writing is the very opening. I’m a sucker for a cool opening credits sequence and this film has one to boast about. The film opens with waves crashing against a rock and shows the credits in a see through type way to go along with the theme of the film, then the camera pans upward to a very luxurious home, all of this plays to the tune of a fitting soundtrack. 

The Invisible Man Review: A slick thriller propelled by a stellar lead

I love that this script focuses on Moss’s character a lot. Some films have a lead but also give big roles to it’s supporting cast and that works sometimes. But here I think it was very important to have almost all the focus on the lead. I loved the pace also, things progress in a very even way and there isn’t too much time spent on this and not enough spent on that.

One thing I really hate is an uneven film. The biggest strength this film’s script has is it’s ability to come up with twists and surprises. I really didn’t think there would be many surprises, but much to my satisfaction there are some very well orchestrated shocking moments. I could tell as I was watching that the writers actually spent time coming up with fresh ideas and desired to create a quality film, not just a cash grab. I of course never ever give away twists or surprises in films I review but I will say that the ending has a very well done surprise that must be praised. 

The action sequences are well done and orchestrated with a high octane intensity that excites the audience. Now when I say action I don’t mean like Fast and Furious type stuff, mainly fight scenes and suspense. One question that will probably arise about this film is: is it scary? It’s not a film that’s straight horror, rather a suspense-thriller, and it succeeds at being that. There are some effective frightening moments that made me jump and I’m glad because that sense of terror was needed. Several scenes have very inventive ways to stir up scares and shocks too, and none of them feel cheap. One last thing I’d like to praise about The Invisible Man is the soundtrack and sound. Wow I literally got chills at some of the perfectly timed sounds they used, very effective! 

The Invisible Man Review: A slick thriller propelled by a stellar lead

The Invisible Man is one of those remakes that actually works and was made with care. The acting is phenomenal, the script is well written, the sound is impeccable, and the action is intense and sharp. Give this one a try! 

The Invisible Man Review: A slick thriller propelled by a stellar lead
The Invisible Man (2020)
Is it good?
The Invisible Man is a success due to Moss's stellar lead performance, a well written script, and intense action sequences that stir up suspense.
Elisabeth Moss and her stellar performance
The well written script
Inventive shocks and twists
An effective soundtrack
Suspenseful action sequences
A clever ending
Would've liked a bit more development on the character of Adrian

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