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Spies in Disguise Blu-Ray and DVD Review

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Spies in Disguise Blu-Ray and DVD Review

A fun filled family friendly film where we see Will Smith get Jiggy as a pigeon.

The odd couple trope has worked in film and television going all the way back to the days of Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, and Laverne and Shirley to name a few. When I found out there was going to be an animated buddy movie with Will Smith and Tom Holland lending their voices to two polar opposite characters I thought, I’m all in for this flick. Spies in Disguise recently released on DVD and Blu-Ray with some really cool extras and scenes that didn’t make it into the final production of the feature. 

Spies in Disguise Blu-Ray and DVD Review

For those not too familiar with the premise, the film is about a secret agent who gets turned into a pigeon and a nerdy scientist who have to work together to save the world. Will Smith voices Lance Sterling,  a suave but sometimes aggarogant spy who doesn’t think he needs anyone but himself to get the job done. Tom Holland voices Walter Beckett an inventor/scientist with awkward social skills. A transformation tonic that Walter’s character invents ends up turning Lance into a bird making for a hilarious adventure with Smith saying classic lines like, “ I can see my butt and your face at the same time.”  Together they take us on a fun, silly, and nonstop thrill ride filled with emotion, laughter, and the importance of teamwork and understanding each other.

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Spies in Disguise Blu-Ray and DVD Review

The movie as a whole is a great combination of a lot of familiar films blended with some incredible character work supplied by Smith and Holland. Smith who’s certainly no rookie when it comes to playing debonaire strong take charge roles and has classic films like Bad Boys and Men in Black under his belt. Holland brings the same loveable geekiness and emotion that makes him such a great Peter Parker and Spider-Man. This is also ironic as Walter Beckett and Peter Parker share a lot of similar traits including being smart and being able to invent things. It’s easily one of the best animations you’ll see on DVD this year.

The are a couple different versions of the DVD/Blu-Ray release depending on where you pick up your copy given some stores like Target and Best Buy add their own exclusive incentives for your purchase. Most will come with some pretty cool extras. You’ll get a behind the scenes featurette called “Infiltrating Blue Sky Studios” which gives an awesome behind the scenes exploring character designs with commentary from Directors Nick Bruno and Troy Quane. In addition, you’ll get info on 3-D character references, story sessions, and a lot more. There’s also two awesome music videos and an extra called “The Top Secret Guide to Gadgets” which talks about a lot of the weapons and suits used during the movie. Also worth mentioning if you pick up the Blu-Ray versus the regular DVD you’ll get a fantastic extra called “Super Secret Spy Mode” which has cool easter eggs and even more behind the scenes experiences.

Overall, Spies in Disguise is great for the whole family. It has a lot of wonderful moral messages and will make you laugh til you cry. Smith and Holland do an amazing job and hopefully it garners enough attention to possibly start buzz for a sequel. Make sure to grab yourself a copy on DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital today.

Spies in Disguise Blu-Ray and DVD Review
Spies in Disguise Blu Ray & DVD Review
Is it good?
A fun and inventive thrill ride filled with laughter, emotion, and of course cool gadgets. Hope to see a sequel in a year or two.
Great Characterization
Solid Story
Great use of lighting during different scenes to capture the emotion of the characters
Awesome Character Designs
By the end makes you want to see a sequel with these characters

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