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DC Preview: The Last God #6

Death is coming for the second fellowship, and it will not be denied.

The Guild Eldritch’s plans for peace are thrown into peril by a defiant act of heroism, splintering Cyanthe’s fellowship and leaving them weakened as they go into battle against the transformed King Tyr. As the unlikely band of heroes attempts to put an end to their relentless foe, some of them will be tested, some will be punished, and some will be broken.

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Death is coming for the second fellowship, and it will not be denied.

Thirty years in the past, armed with the secrets of the Last God’s birth, Tyr and his fellowship stalk the dark woodlands of Tchakatla Tuo in search of an ancient magic that Skol believes will be the key to defeating Mol Uhltep and his army of the undead.

Written by: Phillip K. Johnson
Pencils: Riccardo Federici
Inks: Riccardo Federici
Colored by: Sunny Gho, Allen Passalaqua, Arif Prianto
Cover by: Kai Carpenter
Page Count: 33 Pages
Release Date: March 25 2020
Age Rating: 17+ Only


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