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SXSW (At Home): ‘Lusty Crest’ Review

‘Lusty Crust’ will appeal to mass audiences.

Though their they reached peak decades ago, the effects of soap operas are still felt to this day. Long running television series such as Grey’s Anatomy are the product of daytime soaps. The telenovela has become so popular, it has branched out of Latin America and spread throughout the world. As is often the case with anything that becomes incredibly well liked, soaps are also subjects of parody. The melodramatic storylines, music, and acting make them that much easier to poke fun at.

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Lusty Crest is about Kahsa (Erica Dasher) a woman whose strong sexual desires have led her to problems at her previous job. Kasha ends up at a love hotel named Lusty Crest. It is not long before Kasha learns the place is much more than outward appearances would make it seem. Along with having mysterious dreams, she soon encounters the supernatural, peeping toms, and a seductive magician.

The tone and atmosphere of the pilot is great. Using soft lighting and appropriately sexy music, the show looks as sensual as the name would imply. Director and writer Kati Skelton does an excellent job. Lusty Crest will remind viewers of Twin Peaks and Melrose Place. It is the right kind of ridiculous and is filled with laugh out loud moments.

The performances also make Lusty Crest work. The name alone will clue many in on the silliness of the show. Once Earth’s sex portal and mind control are introduced, everyone will be in on the joke. It would be easy to dismiss the pilot as random silliness that would only work as a one off skit. Instead, the cast are over the top but in a way that will make audiences want to see more. Dasher stands out in a role that is perfectly melodramatic.

There are some shows that you can immediately tell will thrive in a particular market. Lusty Crest is the perfect show for late night comedy. Whether it is on Adult Swim or on Netflix, there is definitely an audience. The show is a mix of old time soap operas with modern day reality shows, making Lusty Crest quite possibly the perfect show for today.


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