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Writer Steve Orlando also discusses the state of the industry his approach to 'Kill a Man' and more.

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AIPT Comics Podcast Episode 65: Steve Orlando on Marvel’s Darkhold, AfterShock’s Kill A Man, and LGBTQ representation

Writer Steve Orlando also discusses the state of the industry his approach to ‘Kill a Man’ and more.

Special guest Steve Orlando joins the show to discuss his upcoming AfterShock series Kill a Man out in June. We also talk about the comics industry at large, what Orlando wanted to be when he was little, and the upcoming Marvel Comics series Darkhold, among other things.

Before the interview, we talk comic book anniversary issues. While Nancy Drew celebrates the legendary character by killing her — What is our ideal anniversary/milestone issue? Dave and Forrest chime in.

Next up, check out our recap of the news to keep you up to date and connected to the comics industry. The top news of the week is some of the biggest news in comic book history as Diamond Comics Distributor announced they are halting all comics and product shipments until further notice. Following that publishers made some moves, like AWA moving comics online during Diamond delay, DC writes a letter to freelancers while also shipping Gotham High to book stores. Marvel Comics is working on a “Larger scale plan,” Dark Horse is reducing line and vows not to release comics digitally until print distribution resumes. Meanwhile, Valiant is engaging readers with Valiant Hero of the Week and TKO is offering 50% profits to comic shops from their digital sales.

Manga publisher Viz is still shipping via Simon and Schuster and Kodansha debuts izneo Online platform. Once again, J.J. Abrams’ Spider-Man book has been delayed – 20 weeks overdue. To end the show on some positive news, the Kubert School opens to students worldwide with New Online Program.



  1. Hellions: (W: Zeb Wells, A: Stephen Segovia)
  2. Justice League Dark #21 (W: Ram V, James Tynion IV, A: Alvaro Martinez)


  1. No One’s Rose #1 (W: Zac Thompson, Emily Horn A: Alberto Jimenez-Alburquerque) 
  2. Hellions #1 (W: Zeb Wells, A: Stephen Segovia)

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