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Sex Death Revolution Review

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Sex Death Revolution Review

‘Nobody hates you quite as much as you do.’

Three things I’m a huge fan of, brought together at last. Sex Death Revolution follows the story of Esperanza, a witch looking to start up a new coven in New York City following her previous one’s recent disbanding. The only problem is that as soon as she starts to do so, her entire life starts to unravel. With increasingly unreliable memories and no idea what’s happening to her, it’s down to Esperanza and her girlfriend Shannon to put back together the pieces of her life.

Sex Death Revolution Review
Black Mask Studios

This is a series with a lot to take in. There are a lot of different layers to this story and I feel like it would take multiple reads to discover everything. Yet at its core, Sex Death Revolution is a tale of identity and the moments that shape a person. While there’s a whole heap of magical elements thrown into the mix, this does still feel like a personal story on the part of Magdalene Visaggio. Esperanza’s story explores her past and conflicting feelings around her transitioning, and while this may not be something everyone has gone through, I feel most readers will be able to relate with being at odds with yourself and feeling like your own worst enemy.

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Sex Death Revolution Review
Black Mask Studios

It’s an interesting concept, digging through the key moments in Esperanza’s life to explore the full extent of her journey. Besides, using urban witchcraft to do so allows Sex Death Revolution to become a more interesting multi-layered read than it could’ve been otherwise. As I’ve already mentioned, there’s a lot to relate to here, be it in Esperanza’s internal conflict or in the initial break up vibes coming off the back of the coven dissolving. 

While there’s a wonderfully diverse cast of characters, I think one of my few complaints towards the series is that it would have benefited from more issues in order to explore Esperanza’s friends and former coven in greater depth. However, in the characters we do see there’s no shortage of depth and intrigue, with Esperanza, Shannon and Suze feeling like genuine people in the real world especially when played off against the unbelievably creepy antagonist Marcus.

Sex Death Revolution Review
Black Mask Studios

Although Becca Farrow and Kasia Witerscheim’s artwork can be a little rough around the edges and isn’t always perfect, I do think it completely suits Sex Death Revolution. It feels both mundane and magical when required and demonstrates good attention to detail and expression. Moreover, Harry Saxon’s coloring does a great job in bringing the art to life particularly in the more supernatural moments and Kiki Jenkin’s covers throughout the series are consistently stunning.

Sex Death Revolution Review
Sex Death Revolution
Is it good?
Dealing with topics such as identity and the events that shape us as a person, 'Sex Death Revolution' feels like both a surreal supernatural story and a deeply personal tale.
An interesting concept that brings supernatural elements to a relatable personal narrative.
Well written by Mags Visaggio with some great ideas, and diverse characters throughout.
Promising art team, with great coloring and covers.
The series would’ve benefited from being longer.

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