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Zachary Whittaker

Zach is a comic book enthusiast, musician and podcaster from Manchester, England. Ever since getting into comics during DC’s 52 event, Zach has always been attracted to B-List characters such as Booster Gold, Blue Beetle and Shadowpact. Luckily Marvel also had some equally offbeat books at the time and Guardians Of The Galaxy was an excellent intro to the cosmic side of comics. The weirder sides of the big two lead to an interest in independent publishers and alternative superhero universes like Valiant. Aside from co-hosting Pull Or Pass on Fab Radio International, running Manchester Comic Book Club and making music under the name Zach Raygun, he’s also a lifelong professional wrestling fan, expert oversleeper and often dabbles In writing biographies in the third person. You can find him on twitter @zachraygun

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