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Money Shot #5 Review

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Money Shot #5 Review

This series has been perfection so far, and this issue is no exception.

As we reach the conclusion of the first volume of Money Shot, I honestly think this series has been perfection so far, and this issue is no exception. Last issue, after bringing Earth’s unique brand of chaos to planet Dry Reef and finally escaping the clutches of the planets tyrannical overlord, it’s now down to the XXX-plorers to risk everything in an attempt to liberate the population of Dry Reef.

Faced with the choice between heading back to Earth or saving the inhabitants of Dry Reef, the XXX-plorers decide to do the right thing, and as you might expect use the power of live sex to liberate Dry Reef from its opressor. From there, this issue only increases in the level of ridiculousness it can achieve, and I mean that in the best possible way. Money Shot has yet to fail in reaching ludicrous new heights.

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Money Shot #5 Review

Although this issue is all about wrapping up the initial arc of the series, I do feel it hints at some great things going forward, such as Warlord Priest Daughir sowing some seeds of doubt about Chris’ character, and showing both that Money Shot could end here, but of course it won’t. 

I feel that Sarah Beattie and Tim Seeley have done a great job to bring this first arc to a close, making this first volume feel like both a self contained story and the start of something that has so much potential going forward. As each issue has progressed, both writers have proved that they make an excellent team, bringing classic sci-fi influences, limitless comedy and genuine moments of emotion at every opportunity.

Money Shot #5 Review

Throughout this issue Rebekah Isaacs artwork and Kurt Michael Russell’s coloring remain as gorgeous as it has been throughout the rest of the series, making Money Shot perhaps one of the best illustrated sci-fi books at the moment. The unending variety of character design and level of detail within each panel takes Money Shot from just being a funny, sci-fi, sex comic to being a beautiful, funny, sci-fi, sex comic. Moreover, Kurt Michael Russell’s colors work wonders to bring every panel to life, forever adding extra depth to already superb art.

There’s not a lot of praise I can give to Money Shot that hasn’t been given in my reviews of the previous two issues. Simply put, this has been one of the most interesting series I’ve read in the last few months, a true highlight of my pull list and something I think anyone looking for a sex-positive sci-fi story will love.

Money Shot #5
Is it good?
I’ve had nothing but praise for Money Shot as a series, and I believe it’s one of the best comics in recent memory, bringing together comedy, sex and science fiction at every opportunity.
Superb artwork from Rebekah Isaacs, only improved by Kurt Michael Russell’s coloring.
A worthy conclusion to a great opening arc, from a new writing team in Beattie and Seeley
Packed with humor, action and emotion from start to finish.

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