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The Flash #750 Review

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The Flash #750 Review

The Flash celebrates its 750th issue with a series of disconnected short stories.

Spoilers for The Flash #750 below!

This issue of The Flash brings a compilation of different short stories in addition to their main storyline headlining DC’s new villain, Paradox. It’s a lot to read, so I am here to provide you the CliffsNotes.

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Our first story is a continuation of the events following Paradox coming from the future to hunt down The Flash. Amidst a sweet conversation between Barry and Iris (where she hints that she is pregnant with their famous twins), they are interrupted by Godspeed, who begs Barry not follow him because Paradox is coming for his revenge. Barry dawns his Flash costume to follow Godspeed to The Flash Museum — which unsurprisingly leads him right into a trap by Paradox, who commands Godspeed to prove his loyalty by killing The Flash.

There was a distinct feeling of being disappointed after so much build up of The Flash meeting Paradox, only to have him sideline that battle into an old comic book trope of “Prove your loyalty by killing the hero while I watch!” It’s too bad, because this villain’s concept lies on The Flash frequently changing the events of time without thinking about the ramifications, and it seems Paradox is already being knocked down to a temporary B-villain who may not make it past this particular storyline.

The next story features Captain Cold in the spotlight. His favorite hockey team is playing on T.V. and he is out of beer. That is his nemesis in this — no beer.

He wanders down to his favorite corner store to get a 6 pack and a random kid is robbing the store. Captain Cold pulls out his gun to stop the kid and the store clerk immediately contacts the police to say Captain Cold is robbing her store. He argues this, trying to pay for his beer and even goes as far as to say “I support local businesses.” It ends with Captain Cold getting out of the bind and going home to drink his beer, while we see panels of Wally West saying that Captain Cold ruined his night. Little does he know, the Captain just needed some cold beer.

I actually enjoyed this story. It was short, but it put Captain Cold into a positive light. His character has gone from villain to anarchist, in a similar route to Harley Quinn, and I am growing fond of this new interpretation. I also like that he watches the game on an old box T.V. It’s a nice touch that adds to his character, showing that he is holding onto old ways of the past. This is unfortunately is the only story I enjoyed in this compilation.

The Flash #750 Review

The third story starts with a simple question from Iris: Why does The Flash have to be Barry? That’s a great question, and Barry’s response to this is to get lost in his own mind visualizing some kind of acid trip of alternate realities where anyone could have become The Flash – including Iris and Gorilla Grodd. Good conceptualization, although not exactly well executed.

Then we get to see The Flash face off with Mirror Master in a house of mirrors in the next story. This is about when I started to lose focus. How many times are we going to revisit The Flash fighting Mirror Master in mirrors?

The next story focuses on Jay Garrick running around fighting the Thinker. There is nothing of value here.

Finally¸ several pages later, we reach the last story of this book. We see Wally West sitting on the Mobius Chair, watching timelines shift into alternate realities. Wally briefly describes how he turned into The Flash, which at this point we have heard about as many times as Batman’s parents getting killed in the alley, and then he goes on to have a panic attack about how there are too many conflicting storylines and reboots in the DC Universe. Even my head started to hurt as he tried to describe them. The last thing we need an in-book reminder on is how poorly DC is handling any of their mainline titles.

70 pages later, I finished reading this special 750th issue of The Flash, and all I was left with was an empty feeling in my soul and my brain hurting.

The Flash used to have some seriously intriguing and well written story arcs 20 years ago. This all seemed to have vanished since the early 2000s. It’s like DC can’t even figure out what to do with the Flash since they have rebooted their universe three times in the past decade. Reading what was considered a 750th giant-sized special shouldn’t have made me want to quit reading The Flash, yet here we are.

The Flash #750 Review
The Flash #750
Is it good?
Aside from the short story on Captain Cold, this 750th issue of the Flash is lacking in any value. I hate to say it, but The Flash is dying as a series, despite its fairly successful TV show -- and it's all a product of DC's inability to keep their own universe straight. Almost none of these stories offer anything new to the greater universe for the Flash, and even their new supervillain gets sidelined in favor of boring comic book tropes.
Captain Cold's story is intriguing and offers a new perspective on a long-time comic book villain.
Paradox finally meets The Flash, and he is immediately sidelined.
There are too many redundant, done over storylines of The Flash in this compilation. Where is anything new?
The DC universe is collapsing in on itself with all of their reboots, and the Flash is suffering the most.

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