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Is It Any Good? The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

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Is It Any Good? The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

‘The Thomas Crow Affair’ is smooth.

Films like this have a real charm to them. Seeing a prolonged witty tease between two fine actors like Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo sounds like a smooth viewing experience…. and that’s exactly what it is. A perfect descriptor for The Thomas Crown Affair is smooth. The actors and characters are smooth, the dialogue is smooth, the visuals and scenery is smooth. But it’s not just smooth for the hell of it; there’s a point to it all. This is almost like a sensual romantic game of chess with very high stakes and it’s damn entertaining.

These two leads are perfectly cast, Brosnan and Russo blow up the screen with their charisma. Pierce Brosnan is undeniably suave and has a clean shaven sex appeal that’s an absolute must for this role of Thomas Crown. Sorry, but you cannot cast a sloppy looking actor in this role; it doesn’t work. He must be handsome and be able to exude an effortlessly charming energy, which Brosnan does beautifully. Rene Russo does a wonderful job with the role of Katherine Banning, an insurance investigator who is trying to catch Thomas for stealing a painting worth 100 million dollars.

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This certainly doesn’t seem like the set up for a romance but as you’ll see, as things unfold and they continue their cat and mouse game, their relationship gets rather serious. Yes, Brosnan and Russo are both charming and extremely smooth on their own, but wow when you put them together, they have an absolutely electric chemistry! They fit together so perfectly which makes their scenes together extremely enjoyable to watch. They have certain scenes with a lot of rich dialogue that work well and serve the plot, then they share a couple steamy love scenes. I’m glad were included because they are some of the most well done love scenes I think I’ve ever seen. 

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The main love scene takes place after an exquisite ballroom dance scene between the two. Russo’s black dress is absolutely stunning and is somewhat see through which makes for a sexy enticing prelude to what comes next. The ultra steamy love scene that follows suits their personalities perfectly and is appropriately passionate/playful. There’s another scene later on that doesn’t feature them making love but does show them nude and laying on top of one another while having a conversation. I love all the scenes these two share together but I talk about their physical scenes specifically because I think they are so classy and warm.

It’s not only Brosnan and Russo’s romantic relationship that lights up the screen and makes this film so successful but it’s also the crime aspect. The way Crown is able is to do what he does is very smooth and impressive and the cat and mouse game that is played is very entertaining and well laid out. The combining of these two aspects form an intoxicating energy that just flows well and works. Another very enjoyable detail is the immaculate scenery and luxury that Crown treats Katherine to as their love affair intensifies. It’s both beautiful and fitting for their connection and overall relationship.

The ending is like the ultimate checkmate in the huge game of chess that is this whole film and I reacted with a smile, you can’t help it. The final event is so well orchestrated and slick that it’s nearly impossible not to be amused. I was legitimately surprised by one final detail that has to do with the painting that was stolen at the beginning of the film. Thomas Crown is a clever bastard! There is one detail that I still don’t exactly get but given the ways Crown was able to get away with other things, I’m sure it wasn’t too hard to do what I didn’t catch. The very last scene has a very easy charm to it too, kind of the perfect end to the film and continuation of their cheeky love affair. 

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The Thomas Crown Affair is a very charming film that is wonderfully carried by it’s ever talented leads. Russo and Brosnan are absolutely brilliant and have a fiery chemistry. The dialogue is rich and appropriately teasing. There isn’t much at all here to dislike.  

Is It Any Good? The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)
Is It Any Good? The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)
The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)
The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) is a wonderfully entertaining film that's carried by two brilliant leads and a script full of rich dialogue.
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Rene Russo
Pierce Brosnan
Russo and Brosnan's fiery chemistry
Beautifully filmed passioante love scenes
Well written script full of rich dialogue
Wondeful scenery
One small detail that isn't explained
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