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'I Will Make You Mine' Review: Great soundtrack bolsters romantic drama

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‘I Will Make You Mine’ Review: Great soundtrack bolsters romantic drama

‘I Will Make You Mine’ has one of the best soundtracks of the year.

Movies with strong soundtracks have been an important part of the film industry for over a century. In some cases, the music leaves a stronger impression than the actual movie. However, the best movies meld story and song. I Will Make You Mine is a 2020 romantic drama. Starring Goh Nakamura as himself, the movie is about a songwriter who revisits past relationships. Goh returns to Los Angeles for a funeral and in doing so encounters three women who have strong romantic links to his past.

The most important thing to remember about the film is it is the third part of a trilogy. Those who have not seen the previous films (I have not) will not have to worry about getting lost. I Will Make You Mine fills everyone watching in on the backstory. Still, there are obvious callbacks that will be missed by newbies. That being said, lack of knowledge about the first two installments will not hinder anyone’s enjoyment. There is clearly a past between the main characters. However, the story is self contained enough to be a new movie on its own. 

This is thanks to the great performances by the main characters. Despite being the catalyst for the story, Nakamura never overwhelms the film. He has an almost calming effect on the film. This prevents what can be a cliched and melodramatic premise from becoming grating. Many times, a performance is complimented as being natural. Nakamura is the epitome of that description. He is not so much acting as he is being.

Lynn Chen (who also directed the movie), Ayako Fujitani, and Yea-Ming Chen play the women in Goh’s life. Yea-Ming and Nakamura have a wonderful chemistry. Their moments together are some of the best of I Will Make You Mine. Fujitani shows off a wide range of emotions in a somewhat limited, yet  important, role. Without the strong cast to engage the audience, the film differs from no other romantic drama.

Rachel may be the one weak link in the movie. Unsurprisingly, her moments with Nakamura are great. She is the songwriter’s unrequited love and spends her troubled marriage thinking of the what ifs. The scenes with her husband Josh are not as strong, unfortunately. These are the only times the dialogue seems forced. They do not hurt the overall enjoyment of the movie, but they are noticeable.

By far, the best part of I Will Make You Mine is the music. The songs are easy going and catchy while adding what can best be described as a whimsical quality to the film. The music also does a great job of adding to the story being told. They are about longing for the past and the future and accentuate what the characters are going through.

A great soundtrack can push an average movie to the next level. I Will Make You Mine takes an already strong story and adds a tremendous soundtrack. The cast has great chemistry and the direction is beautiful. The movie does lack for supporting characters, but when the leads are this entertaining, that almost becomes a moot point.

'I Will Make You Mine' Review: Great soundtrack bolsters romantic drama
‘I Will Make You Mine’ Review: Great soundtrack bolsters romantic drama
I Will Make You Mine
An awesome soundtrack and wonderful characters will draw you in to its story. Beautiful film that does not let you look away.
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The emotion stirring soundtrack is fantastic
Great main cast
Supporting characters lack depth

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