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Atomic Victory Squad
Atomic Victory Squad

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‘Atomic Victory Squad’ #1-4 review

A new, hilarious indie comic book series from the creators of Wolfcop.

Nothing is better than getting to see someone make their dream come true when they make their own comics, and that’s what we have in Atomic Victory Squad.  In these days of new physical comics being on hold, the digital era of comics is really coming into its own. This series was brought to my attention and I’ve read the first four issues and I would like to share this series with you.  If you find yourself enjoying satire and farce of superheroes, this will be a fun adventure for you.

Here is the series pitch from creator Lowell Dean:

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The world doesn’t need more superheroes, but this is no ordinary team. The Atomic Victory Squad is a satire of the genre while still working within the confines of it (capes, costumes, superpowers and lost of action). Below the surface, each team member serves as a metaphor for issues like addiction, race and gender identity, chronic depression and mental health. This series is as much about their private lives, personal struggles and relationships as it is about crime fighting.

Issue #1, “Send in the Clowns”, does a great job of setting the tone for how this series will be. I enjoyed the return of the “editor’s box” and how it had a very sarcastic tone to it.  We get to meet the real heroes and see their demise very quickly, which means Earth is in danger and a new line of defense is needed.  We get to see the origins of Invicibull, Bubble Myers, She-Girl, Triangle Master, Gary the Mime, and Zoozanna. I enjoyed their origins as it takes me back to rediscovering superheroes.

The heroes’ origins also feature a great amount of humor as it pokes fun at how some heroes gain their powers.  The cloak and dagger moments from the military officials are hilarious too.  The group comes together and prepares for their first mission: a prison break. 


Atomic Victory Squad

Atomic Victory Squad


Issue #2 continues the action and dives deeper into the personal lives of the characters.  I enjoyed getting to see Gary the Mime’s powers in action and Triangle Master is just an oddity of a superhero.  The grouping is perfectly balanced with righteous heroics and screwball shenanigans, and resembles a gathering of individuals where we have those unique personalities represented.

The use of super powers is very imaginative as well — especially when Zoozanna turns into an eagle and does something loathsome to a car that is typical of birds.  Seeing the heroes sign contracts and work for the government is just the right touch of reality that helps to make it relatable. Once they celebrate, it adds a whole new element of drama when teammates “team up” in bed.

Issues #3 and #4 help to build a new element of mystery for what is going on behind the scenes and also explains why they had to come together in the first place.  Meeting some of the villains from the past made for great action scenes and also situations to put the team in action together, which helps to build a bond between them.

Sadly, that bond is still too new and a unique enemy does a great job of getting the team to break down, both personally and as a group.  It builds up quite the situation that will leave you wanting to see what is going to happen to the Atomic Victory Squad and just how deep they are in the mess of things. 

Atomic Victory Squad interior art by Javier Martin Caba

Atomic Victory Squad interior art by Javier Martin Caba

Writer and Creator Lowell Dean does a great job crafting situations for the team and carrying along dialogues that help flesh out these brand new characters. I enjoyed how insane Bubble Myers is and his interactions with everyone.  Lowell has created great voices for the characters, and their reactions to situations are perfectly honest given their backgrounds and experiences.

Javier Martin Caba pulls double duty as artist and colorist for the series and has made a unique style that fits the characters just perfectly. Heroic moments of intense battle give way splashes of silliness from the characters or backgrounds that add personality to the series.

I enjoyed the fact that the creators and talent involved in this series are fans of comic books, and their passion shows. If you want a good laugh with a cast of crazy characters and a mystery, I highly recommend Atomic Victory Squad.

Atomic Victory Squad
‘Atomic Victory Squad’ #1-4 review
Atomic Victory Squad
A great new independent series with a unique cast of characters. Comic book situations injected with humor that makes for heroic hi-jinks and entertainment.
Reader Rating4 Votes
Brand new set of characters and universe that sets a sarcastic, slapstick tone in a modern superhero comic
Story situations that build up for a deep mystery with art that brings the right visuals to capture the moment
Strong heart from the creative side that shows how much they have put into their work

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