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‘WrestleMassacre’ review: This gory and fun movie is so bad it must be seen

So bad it is so good.

It is hard to come by a good wrestling movie. They either make a mockery of the sport or they take it way too seriously. Either way it is insulting to fans and uninteresting to non fans. There are some standouts like Body Slam and 2008’s The Wrestler. Despite taking different approaches, both movies are must sees for wrestling fans. 

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Horror movies and wrestling go together. The two are filled with over the top characters and action. They both also require a suspension of disbelief for maximum enjoyment. WrestleMassacre is a horror movie about a groundskeeper named Randy. After troubles at work, Randy decides to become a pro wrestler. When things do not go as planned, everyone who has wronged him has to pay a horrible price.

The movie gets off to a hot start. A couple runs from a mysterious pursuer. They are caught leading to their unsurprisingly violent deaths. It is a while before Wrestlemassacre reaches that level of violence again. The plot has a surprisingly patient build. The opening establishes Randy is the killer. The rest of the movie explains how.

It seems silly to give this type of movie this much story. It works here since WrestleMassacre never takes itself too seriously. This is not to say it is a comedy, but it’s tongue is placed firmly in cheek. WrestleMassacre may take its time in telling Randy’s story, but that does not prevent it from feeling erratic at times. There is a haphazard feel to the movie that somehow adds to its charm. 

Once the killings start up again, the special effects take center stage. The movie is filled with great practical effects. There are run of the mill stabbings and limb pulling, but WrestleMassacre excels at face ripping. The last twenty minutes are a non stop gorefest. These moments are fantastic with a face smashing scene near the end being the highlight. 

Wrestling fans have learned to not expect much from movies about their beloved sport. WrestleMassacre should not be an exception. Yet, it manages to be. The difference is things get so bad, the whole movie goes full circle to become good again. This is a movie destined to rule midnight showings and entertain fans and non fans.

Available Video on Demand June 16

‘WrestleMassacre’ review: This gory and fun movie is so bad it must be seen
The term 'so bad it's good' is thrown around a lot. This movie is the epitome of that and is destined to be a late night staple.
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Great practical effects
Genuinely funny
Cameos from legends like Manny Fernandez and Jimmy Valiant
Some editing issues (That being said, they add to the charm)

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