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‘Yummy’ review: Inventive zombie movie is bloody fun

‘Yummy’ goes the extra mile in a genre that does not require it.

There is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery. Unless of course, you decide to go to a doctor in Eastern Europe that you found online. At this point, the worst case imaginable is the best thing that can happen. Yummy is a Belgium zombie movie. Alison is tired of the constant looks and comments she gets. She decides a breast reduction is the solution. Soon, she and her boyfriend discover the clinic they have chosen does more horrific things than simple cosmetic surgeries. 

The zombie sub genre is arguably the most popular in horror. Along with movies, there are video games and television shows based on the living dead. The quantity of zombie movies had led to a sameness, if not a staleness. This has made little difference popularity wise. Audiences do not go to see zombie movies for innovation. Yummy still delivers an incredible amount of creativity. The movie includes a zombie abortion, liposuction gone wrong, and some interesting creatures. The inventiveness of the movies stands out as much as anything else.

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The film is also incredibly bloody. Again, there is a lot of originality shown here. Yummy is nonstop gore. Just when it seems like it cannot top itself, the movie reaches new levels of gruesome inventiveness. And for everyone who likes their killing simple and to the point, there are plenty of basic decapitations and head smashings.

Director Lars Damoiseaux uses light and shadow to maximize the excitement in his movie. Like most zombie films, Yummy is more about action than tension. The majority of the picture takes place in the hospital. There is great use of red and blue lighting. Damoiseaux also does a great job of capturing the chaos of moments without using the dizzying shots some horror directors resort to.

There is also a great story at work in Yummy. The movie is never content to be just another zombie flick. It is filled with comedy – both slapstick and dark. It also uses its premise as a jumping off point to make some commentary about gender and the importance placed on appearance. Many of those closest to Allison question why she would want a breast reduction. They tell her she is ruining what God gave her and suggest she will be less without them. Calling these moments subtle would not quite be accurate, but they are never in the audience’s face.

'Yummy' review: Inventive zombie movie is bloody fun

Even more clever is the writing regarding Allison’s boyfriend, Michael. Quite simply, he can never get anything right. He is constantly trying to impress his girlfriend. He does such a good job of playing the fool, it is hard for the audience not to root for him. For her part, Allison usually has to take care of the situation herself. Some of the best moments in Yummy are the glances she casts at Michael.

Yummy is a clever and brutal zombie movie. Fans of the sub genre will love what has been done. It has the qualities that attract its audience. Those who do not care as much will enjoy the risks it is willing to take. The movie will even stand out to non horror fans. There are plenty of zombie films to choose from, and this should be at the top of that list.

Yummy will premiere on June 25th on Shudder

‘Yummy’ review: Inventive zombie movie is bloody fun
Zombie movies are so popular they can get away without having to do anything new. 'Yummy' is a fun movie that does different things in a gore filled story.
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Great characters
Creative kills and creatures
Excellent writing
The ending may disappoint

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