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Some things never change.

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A Mark’s Eye View: When fans attack

Some things never change.

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A Mark’s Eye View is a weekly look at some of the things that made me a huge fan of professional wrestling. 

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In an already difficult year, it was an especially bad week for wrestling fans. As it turns out, Buck Zumhofe was not an exception — many wrestlers are scummy people. The events of the past week have been horrible and have affected people in different ways. 

Here are some examples of angry fans who went a little too far.

Don’t throw rocks at a man with…

Some things never change.

Roddy Piper was a tremendous heel who could rile an audience of like few others. His promos are legendary and his antics are still remembered. He reached peak bad guy status in the 1980s during his famous feud with Hulk Hogan. How hated was he? Some fans wished an incurable, life-threatening disease on him.

Knife stabbings

Some things never change.

Violence against Piper was not just limited to taunts, however — he was also physically assaulted. Along with Hot Rod, Gary Hart, Fred Blassie, and J.J Dillon were all attacked by knife-wielding fans. Thankfully, it is not seen as much in today’s wrestling world, but it was a big part of being a successful heel before the boom in the ’80s.


Some things never change.

Mid-South was home to some of wrestling’s most loyal fans. They were also some of the scariest. Don’t believe it? Ask Jim Cornette. Fans of the Louisiana territory weren’t just content to yell at the heels, and they also didn’t settle for just taking a swing at them. Stories of Mid-South fans include tire slashings, water guns filled with Drano, and vomiting on legs.

A shot at “The Brain”


Bobby Heenan is one of the most fondly remembered performers in wrestling history. “The Brain” is known for his great comedic bumps and quick wit. He is a true legend. Back in 1976, however, fans felt a little different. One night, Heenan managed to work up a fan so much that the person shot at him. With a loaded gun. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Darling, don’t you go and cut your hair

a mark's eye view fans

Fans have been physically attacking wrestlers for years. These people have stormed the ring, jumped barriers, and even attacked performers in the aisle. Sometimes, things get really wild. The most notorious may have been when Austin Idol beat Jerry Lawler leading to the King having his head shaved.

Next week: Gotcha!

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