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Scott Lobdell is done at DC Comics after ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws’ #50

Scott Lobdell is leaving DC Comics after issue #50 of ‘Red Hood’.

Issue #50 of Red Hood and the Outlaws will be Scott Lobdell’s last work with DC Comics, the writer announced today. He broke the news on his Instagram account.

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“I’m stepping away from only remaining freelance work on Red Hood and The Outlaws, effective immediately,” the statement reads. “Issue #50 out in October will be my final issue.”

He goes on to say, “While I’m profoundly grateful for the last ten years on a book telling the story of a tragically flawed man in search of redemption, I depart certain that my vacancy will be filled by a dynamic new voice.”

Lobdell is one of many figures in the comic book history with a past of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. In 2013, Lobdell admitted to and apologized for harassing writer/artist MariNaomi. Since then, several other allegations against Lobdell surfaced.


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