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‘Zombie for Sale’ review: Fun zom-com that is more comedy than horror

If you takes your zombie movies serious then stay away.

Horror comedy can be hard to pull off. Lean too far in either direction and the movie fails to work. But when it is done right, the mix can result in fantastic films. Zombie for Sale is a South Korean zombie comedy that tries to get it right. What makes things especially difficult for the movie is arguably the greatest horror comedy ever, Shaun of the Dead, is in the exact same sub genre. How does this latest zom com fare?

It quickly becomes apparent that this movie is going to be more about the comedy than the horror. Those expecting graphic horror and plenty of jump scares will be disappointed. The normal zombie tropes are here; they are just presented in a sillier way. The music is perfect for the story being told. The best way to describe it would be zany or madcap. Unlike many horror films, Zombie for Sale is filled with bright colors. The movie wants it audience to have fun.

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Zombie for Sale turns the genre on its head. These movies tend to be run and gun affairs that are about action and scares. Tension is at a premium. Here, the first zombie is captured and exploited for profit. It sounds like the set up for a “man is the real monster” story but that is not the case. The plot is playing it for laughs the entire time.

Which is not to say it completely lacks in horror. There is only so much time a zombie can be caged before things go horribly wrong. Unsurprisingly, that ends up happening in Zombie for Sale. This is also when the movie starts to lose some of its charm. The tone does not suddenly change to more horror than comedy. Instead, it’s influences become a little too transparent. The originality found in the early half is the film is lacking when the inevitable zombie apocalypse begins.

Which is not to say Zombie for Sale stops being fun. The action is so fast and silly the film will continue to keep its audience on board. The film does an excellent job of upping the stakes while simultaneously keeping things light. Zom coms are very difficult movies to make. Zombies just are not well suited for comedy. Zombie for Sale uses an interesting premise to deliver laughs in a fun film.

Zombie for Sales is available for streaming on the Arrow Video Channel



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