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'Bloodshot gets "burned" as Marc Laming joins title

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‘Bloodshot gets “burned” as Marc Laming joins title

The artist discusses his work with a new storyline alongside Tim Seeley.

Marc Laming is best known as a kind of comics journeyman, having worked everywhere from Dynamite and Dark Horse to Marvel, DC, and IDW. More recently, he’s signed on for several issues of Valiant’s ongoing Bloodshot series. (Laming drew the recently released #7 and also provides pencils and inks for #8 and #9.) We sat down with Laming recently to talk all things Bloodshot, including the character’s long-term appeal, how he starts developing a new run, and any future aspirations with the indestructible hero.

Bloodshot #7 is available now. A “Fully Loaded Edition” will be on sale August 12, and features eight new pages of bonus content and interviews.

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'Bloodshot gets "burned" as Marc Laming joins title

From issue #7 (Courtesy of Valiant).

AIPT: What’s the appeal of drawing/making stories with a character like Bloodshot?

Marc Laming: It’s all out, no holds barred action and as you can see from issues #7 and #9 anything could happen from jet equipped flying soldiers to giant Kaiju wrecking cities in Russia.

AIPT: Issue #7 started a new storyline (“Burned”). What kind of opportunities are there, artistically speaking, anytime you’re moving onto a new arc like this?

ML: You still have to keep one eye on what the previous artistic team has done on the book as it is one continuing story but it’s always a chance to big your ‘A’ game to a project.

AIPT: What do you do as an artist when you’re preparing a new character and/or story? Is there a lot of research involve? Do you try and create the same feeling as past books?

ML: I always do a lot of research for any project I work on. I go through the script and read through for the story points and then go through a second time as I look for things I will need specific images for — cities in Russia, bombers, images that might help inspire me while working on the issue, then I need to find images of recurring character’s costumes etc and any tech and locations that need to be repeated.

AIPT: I know some artists don’t always share early work/sketches, but you do (at least semi-often). Is it actually important for people to see the development of art or is it just something fun for fans?

ML: It’s very difficult to bring new eyes to projects one is working on without exciting the readers in the first place so I think of the behind the scenes glimpse I give via social media as a way to alert and interest folk in the books I am working on and building some anticipation to those books.

'Bloodshot gets "burned" as Marc Laming joins title

A sample of the upcoming issue #9 (Courtesy of Valiant).

AIPT: Now that Bloodshot is a proper action film, does that influence how you draw him or approach the visuals for the comic series?

ML: It depends on the project but on Bloodshot I was taking much more inspiration from the incredible work done on the series by artists such as Lewis Larosa, Brett Booth, Paolo Rivera, and Doug Braithwaite than I did on the movie spectacular as it is.

AIPT: What’s your favorite kind of page/panel to draw for Bloodshot?

ML: I like the quiet personal moments in the book, anything that gives me a chance to really build character and to play with character’s acting via body language.

AIPT: You’re just getting started in the Bloodshot universe. Do you have a favorite “era” or a special moment from any other stories (“Salvation,” “Reborn,” etc.)?

ML: I loved Bloodshot’s part in “The Valiant,” and “Salvation” and “Reborn” were excellent story arcs. Not to mention the great work that Tim [Seeley] , Brett [Booth], and Andrew [Dalhouse] have been doing on the current storyline has been fantastic, high octane all-out adventure stories.

AIPT: If you could draw one Bloodshot story or even just a page, what would it be?

ML: I’d love to do another story with Tim like we did in the Zero issue which was quite a pace change for Bloodshot or something with even bigger monsters! 😉

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