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‘Babysplitters’ review: A heartwarming comedy about two couples, a baby, and no regrets

A unique take on parenthood.

Comedies about parenthood are a popular premise. Whether it is an impending baby or being new parents, there is a lot of comedy to mine. Babysplitters takes both ideas and melds them in an outrageously funny and surprisingly sweet film. The movie follows two couples that are conflicted about having children. In the case of Sarah (Emily Chang) and Jeff (Danny Pudi), Sarah is ready to start a family. Jeff is less eager. Taylor (Maiara Walsh) and Don (Eddie Alfano) have the roles reversed. Don is ready for a child.

One night over dinner, the two couples come up with a unique plan. They will split a baby between them. As Taylor explains, it is like joint custody but with couples.

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Babysplitters shows off its comedic chops immediately. Pudi and Chang have great chemistry. Audiences have heard these conversations before (maybe with less use of the term “pre cum”). The two are incredibly funny and have a relationship that is fun to watch. The rest of the cast are not as funny, but they do not need to be. (That being said, there is also an extremely funny sex scene involving Taylor and Don.) Babysplitters is not a wacky comedy that is constantly throwing jokes out. Instead, it is a a comedy with heart. This allows some of the characters to be more realistic instead of everyone trying to be the funniest person I screen.

This leads to an easier watch. Babysplitters has a nice pace that prevents the movie from overstaying its welcome. This is especially important since it does run around two hours. The story is able to cover all the subplots that would arise in this type of situation. The main subject of Babysplitters is how Jeff is handling everything that is happening. The segments involving his reluctance towards dealing with children are highlights of the film. 

Babysplitters is also able to touch on unexpected themes. Gender roles and jealousy are bound to happen considering the plot. Ageism and being out of touch are topics that also come up. At first, they seem like just random comments that do not mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Instead, they play into the story. These are not forced in and seem like natural.

The fear and reluctance of parenthood seems like a straightforward topic. Babysplitters deals with it in a way that is unique and funny. Instead of making the movie a farce, it also is a tender story that is sometimes willing to laugh at itself. It is also filled with great performances and storytelling. The film takes a wacky premise and makes it realistic and engaging.


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