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‘Yes, God, Yes’ review: Smart and funny coming of age story never loses its innocence

An innocent coming of age story about masturbation.

Yes, God, Yes deals with a common theme in coming of age stories. The story follows Alice (Natalia Dyer) as she learns how her Catholic upbringing conflicts with her sexual awakening. During a religious retreat, Alice learns a shocking secret that leads to her looking at life differently. But is that a good thing or has Alice become jaded with life?

Dyer is best known for her role as Nancy in Stranger Things. Alice is a completely different character. She is incredibly funny, but there is a sweetness and innocence to her also. Watching her journey in Yes, God, Yes is engrossing. When a malicious rumor is spread about her at school, Alice’s reaction speaks volumes about her character. It shows how naive she is to the world while also endearing her to the audience.

The movie is filled with these moments. It is a consistently funny film that never manages to stop being tender. Alice’s constant need to satisfy herself is comical. (She is certainly very creative when it comes to masturbation.) Yet, Yes, God, Yes has a overhanging sense of childlike concern. This mix of emotions is the driving force behind the story.

Yes, God, Yes hits all the familiar coming of age beats. Along with the nasty rumor, there is the hot captain of the football team and the friend that yearns to be popular. Writer and director Karen Maine certainly has her finger on the teenage pulse. In spite of the familiarity, there is never a sense of staleness. Maybe it is the great characters Maine has written. Or it might be the sincerity through which the story is told. Either way, Yes, God, Yes will never bore the audience.

Karen Maine’s directorial debut is a strong one. A charming story filled with authentic laughs, makes Yes, God Yes worth watching. A strong performance from Natalia Dyer pushes the film into can’t miss territory. Coming of age stories are popular for a reason. They follow a tried and true formula that works. Maine tweaks up the formula enough to make her film stand out.

Yes, God, Yes will be available VOD July 28th.

adventures in movies
‘Yes, God, Yes’ review: Smart and funny coming of age story never loses its innocence
Yes, God, Yes
A smart and funny coming of age story that never loses its innocence.Dyer is great as the Catholic schoolgirl who is trying to reconcile her new sexual awareness with her religion.
Reader Rating0 Votes
Dyer is great in role
An engaging story that will remind audiences of what it is like to be a child
Might be too formulaic for some

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