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A completely packed episode of 'Dark' and the return of Sammy's vlog lead us into Dynamite.

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All Things All Elite: July 29th, 2020

A completely packed episode of ‘Dark’ and the return of Sammy’s vlog lead us into Dynamite.

Welcome to All Things All Elite for the week of July 29! With Sammy’s return to Dynamite last week, his vlog has also returned. Hopefully he’s had some honest time to reflect and grow during his time off. This week, we had an extremely long AEW Dark, but there are some matches worth checking out, especially the tag match at the end. Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler now have an official team name: “The Initiative”.

Let’s get into it:

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Being The Elite

  • Best Friends brainstorm ways of killing Brandon on a whiteboard. Brandon walks in on them and they do a poor job of trying to cover.
  • Santa, Ortiz, and Jack Hagger are doing the “speaking Spanglish” bit. Hager’s wife calls him, angry, and sends Dasha to give Hager a slap for her.
  • Colt Cabana tries once again to do his bit with Kenny. Michael Nakazawa is the one to interrupt him this time, and warns Colt that Kenny is slowly going into Cleaner mode and wants to kill Colt.
  • Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon argue about whether or not they should cheat during a match. Brandon wants a clean win and Avalon wants to win through any means necessary.
  • Frankie Kazarian is trying to buy the waters of reincarnation that Broken Matt promised to bring him in order to get rid of his southern accent. Hardy is in Big Money Matt mode, however, and charges Frankie $500 for it. Frankie tries to lowball Hardy but eventually gives in.
  • Private Party doesn’t recognize Matt Jackson, thinks he’s just a stage hand. He convinces them he’s Matt. How? By telling them he’s “deadass”, of course.
  • Matt Jackson is frustrated that they are not winning the 50+ demo so decides to do his version of a Bob Ross painting show with a notepad and crayons. 
  • Brodie Lee comes to yell at the Order again. He tells Evil Uno he needs to get Silver and Reynolds in order so they aren’t such big failures. Brodie Lee notices Griff Garrison is in the room with them, and throws him out. John Silver asks the famous question, “who the f*ck is Griff Garrison?”.
  • Hangman thanks FTR for helping him out and asks them to go out and get a beer together. The three of them seem to remain on extremely friendly terms.

AEW Dark

  • FTR def. The Initiative
  • Sonny Kiss/Janela def. Michael Nakazawa/Pineapple Pete
  • Abadon def. Skyler Moore
  • Dark Order (Uno/Garrison) def. Shawn Dean/Will Hobbs
  • Scorpio Sky def. Corey Hollis
  • Penelope Ford def. Kenzie Paige
  • Wardlow def. Aaron Solow
  • Best Friends def. Dark Order (Reynolds/Silver)
  • Lance Archer def. Frankie Thomas
  • Orange Cassidy def. Serpentico
  • Sammy Guevara def. Fuego Del Sol
  • Proud and Powerful def. Private Party and SCU

Sammy’s Vlog

  • Marko Stunt begins the vlog on a beach by using Dragon Balls to summon Sammy, who then emerges out of the water.
  • Sammy promises Fuego Del Sol a match on Dark. Fuego Del Sol was under the impression that Sammy would get him a contract.
  • We see the behind the scenes of Sammy jumping Serpentico to take his mask.
  • Jack Evans hacks into the vlog and tries to take over, demanding that Sammy pay the royalties he owes to Jack.
  • Sammy of course spends some time opening up fan’s gifts and thanking fans for their support.

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • Back and forth with Trent, Chuck Taylor, and Colt
  •  Eddie Kingston does a post match promo
  • Arn Anderson discusses Cody’s victory from last week’s Dynamite and Cody’s ongoing open challenge.

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